Thursday, May 10, 2007

Maybe Lulu Should Sell Whatever She Has, Save Like Crazy

in order to buy a house in Aman Suria.

why Aman Suria? Because it's so safe there.
It is.
It's a gated community, and to quote the Star,
Aman Suria Damansara residents committee chairperson Wendy Chan said it is no longer safe for residents to step out of their neighbourhood.
see, it's very safe IN their neighbourhood, but when you step out of there, to the land of the Lulus, Lulas and Lalas, it is no longer safe.

They already have guards around the perimeter of their housing area, but it's not enough.
“What we really need is a police beat base outside Aman Suria to stop these crimes,'' said Chan.

Guess what?
Lulu who stays in the electoral area of Kg Tunku, PJ Utara can't even say that it's safe to step out of her house, much less her neighbourhood. Lulu also needs a police beat base IN her neighbourhood.
So does Carol who was slashed 4 times by robbers right outside her house in Tmn Megah. Also in PJ Utara.
And Agnes who was asleep with her kids in her house in Damansara Jaya when theives broke into their house and drove off their BMW. hey DJ! also in PJ Utara, right?
We all stay in PJ Utara too, you know. What about us?

Anyway, back to Alam Suria.
alas, a house in Alam Suria is not cheap. Even if I sell off my propoerty, shares, car, the rosak Ipod, walk to work from PJ to Shah Alam. I can't afford it. I just can't.

Looking at the Star Classifieds,
AMAN SURIA 22x75 RM799-830k, semi-d RM1.7M up b'glow RM2.45M. Limited. Dont miss. YC 012-2020998, 78803192 VE30113 10/5/2007
AMAN SURIA 2storey, 22x75, freehold, gated, face North, renovated, owner occupied, RM825K. 012-2625009 5/5/2007
Maybe if I follow this kind of career path,
maybe then, I could afford my own home in Alam Suria, to feel really safe in there, maybe even make demands/request/whatever for more policemen for the area within 500m from my home.
until then, I have to tabahkan diri, and be come careful and vigilant when I'm out on the streets of Petaling Jaya and pray hard that nothing nasty happens to me, or anyone else for that matter.


Anonymous said...

Lulu, I've always felt that the only way to feel safe is to have a Walther PPK in your pocket at all times outside your home in KL/PJ living. Now you must have it inside your bedroom nowadays too.


xpyre said...

It's an everyday occurrence in JB now. It's gotten so bad, it's just..

The worst part is? Some people I've talked to seem to suggest that the Police know what needs to be done, but they are so woefully understaffed it's not even funny.

One only needs to walk into any police station and ask each investigating officer just how many cases he has to deal with. One I spoke to in the course of my work told me "1,500 cases". One person.

That's just ridiculous, isn't it? Preferential policies, bad pay prospects and other.. informal barriers to entry (they do exist).. all aid in preventing a larger police force.

The situation's gotten so bad that states have to receive help from Bukit Aman to deal with serious and syndicated crime - and forces from Bukit Aman can only be in so many places at any one time.

Oh well..

btw, yah, can get replacement battery for your iPod, no need to buy new one.. but you'd want to anyway if yours isn't the most recent version of the iPod - that one can watch videos and such too :) I'm loving my Nano, can't live without it hehehe :D

Anonymous said...

One Walther PPK is not enough. Get yourself a couple, like Cho Seung-hui did. Better still, get a mansion near the pm's in Perth

What A Lulu said...

erhh.. you want me to carry a pistol? carrying firearms [w/o a license] is punishable by death in m' lulu, not nalla. no juicy affidavits in exchange for my life.

Ko-chi Wai said...

but, but, but...PJ lang says Fried Beehoon is THE BEST MP anyone can have call her if your longkang is clogged, your toilet is overflowing, your road is pothole ridden, she will come straight away woh...who cares if she has no opinion whatsoever on any policies which are of national interest? as long as she fix my toilet i'm happy. maybe if i carry her more i could be her neighbour in aman suria as well...then she can get the polis to protect us aman surians as well!

Anonymous said...

That's why, Lulu, the American 2nd Amendment on the right to bear arms is actually something admirable. Just because of the Victoria Tech massacre, doesn't make it less so. If someone else had a gun there and then rather than just the killer Cho, he probably wouldn't have been able to kill and wounded so many.

Basically, the underlying reason for severve gun control is because a government does not trust its own citizens and prefered easy governance even if that makes ppl defenceless.

Lulu, of course, only the rich and positioned are licensed to carry arms in Bangsatland.


Anonymous said...

Wah lau - We have to carry so many things nowadays - I/C, CC, BC, Ipod, mobile phone, Light rail card and also a Hand gun? If we go to Petronas Twin Towers, do we carry the guns too or leave it with the guards?