Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lulu Not Sure

when Badawi was talking about this in the papers yesterday, was he talking about these?

from last year

and coming up next year

or he was talking about the corner shop kedai kopi and sundry shop?
*bat eyelash* *bat eyelash* *bat eyelash*
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LC_Teh said...

You're right. I'm not sure either. If they're just the corner sundry shops or supermarkets, we know where they are. We don't go there. But most of the ones stealing us blind are the monopolies that have us properly 'cornered'.

Anonymous said...


Madmonk says too, you do wake up very early to blog. Indicated by the time.

Anyway, back to topic. The old administration under Dr M, the Domestic Trade and Consumerism Ministry did compile a "thick price list" (monitoring prices on almost every damn thing, ie. food, foot wear, etc etc) for their internal administration. Now?? Don't know. But one thing don't change....the handicapped enforcement. Of course, they visit market places, some supermarkets etc. They recruit "eyes and ears" on feedbacks and complaints.

But the "wonderfool" thing is that, it's impossible for them to cover every nook and corner, right? So back to square one, the consumers like you and me suffers. Traders whether scrupluous or not, raise prices to cover costs and the mean ones escalate and multiply their prices. The enforcement is not effective neither is it effective. Your noodle shops have already raised prices. A simple nasi lemak packet with one egg is already around RM1.80. Hokkien fried mee, anyone? It's RM5 per packet (minimum or smallest) , no RM3.50 anymore in some areas. Traders and hawkers will give you "all" the reasons to justify the hike except his own, to make more profits!!

shag said...

haha. classic.

lucia said...

OT: glad to have met you finally, lulu, at the gathering. what? no report?

anyway for report of the gathering from all those who attended, you can go to our official blog ( any links missing, do let us know and we'll update it.

Anonymous said...

Wah, Lulu, you really wake up very early in the morning, eh ?

What A Lulu said...

the bangun awal pagi is seasonal. thankfully, it's not like that EVERYday. if you've seen lulu, you'd agree that she needs her beauty sleep. lots and lots of it.

Anonymous said...

Astro has already decided to raise its subscription in July before the government announcement of pay risein a letter to subscriber. As if this one will be named and shamed. Expect the really unconnected ones to be - perhaps.