Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lulu's Election Date Guess

Lulu's not sure who controls/influences who, but between the PM and his son-in-law, Lulu doesn't think that either one wants to choose a date that may prevent him from accompanying Nori for “every single one of her doctor’s appointments and every single non-doctor’s appointment.”

So, it will not be held the next 4 months because the apple of the PM's eye is 5 month pregnant. Add another month for confinement so that KJ can full time be by her side, not distracted by having to be carried around.

Because schools are used as centers, and teachers as counters, probably during the school holidays after the SPM and STPM.
But it will be this year, as PakLah has launched his bodek government servants campaign. That would be a bit difficult to repeat again next year, even thought they "deserve" it. Not forgetting the much postponed GST. How many more years can they delay it, postponing it for the sake of not angering the voters who would feel an immediate hit on their purchases.
I guess the Budget to be tabled in Oct will be a very pleasant one as it is quite close to elections.

Lulu will keep some of her annual leave for this exciting time. Maybe it's time to go to the ground and help someone's campaign. I'm a bit on the tongue-tied side, so, I guess I'll be the one you see at HQ stuffing posters into plastic bags and getting them to be ready to be strung around town.

And a note for KJ : by the looks of it, the current UMNO trend is to angkat their bosses. And I mean angkat literally. Maybe it's time to show some kindness and thoughfulness by losing some weight for the sake of the poor minions angkating him. You could do it the "chilli wrap" way, or the "go to gym" way. Take your pick, but please lose some weight.


Anonymous said...

Besides the theory of pregnancy, a factor in choosing the election date, there are key indicators of an impending general election. Logistics. Printing of electioneering posters and banners (2004 in China), raising election funds (hence, propping up the stock market as the cash cow), distributing goodies over a spread of time (i.e. including payrise for civil servants), electoral roll in readiness (i.e. SPR already announced it is ready), pre-planning specific santa claus goodies for the Budget), artifically spinning "feel good" factors (i.e. 50th BN anniversary), ruling politicians donning the sheep skin clothing again (i.e. avoiding controversial public statements) and increase frequencies visiting electorates, paving roads and highways with new skin deep layers, announcements of new multi million projects for croynies, and stand by documents (procedural) to effect the dissolution of parliament etc.

You will also hear more "mantras" and rhetorics on national unity, "we're all in the family" type of crappy propaganda. The idiot box will aired more "family type" indoctrination clips. Everything is rosy and perfect. Your problems will get full attention (especially during the campaign period, of course). Political creatures will attend all marriages and funerals if feasible. They will particularly be interested to hold your babies and say how cute they are. Yes, we are fortunate, in the western countries, they get only one santa claus. In Bolehland, we get them by the dozens. It's Christmas, Hari Raya and Chinese New Year plus all the other minority new years as well, all roll into ONE. For what? Just your vote, the little "cross" besides the logo. Wake up. Malaysians!

team BSG said...

dun lah ask him to loosen up so to carry the bloated up !

V need him to continue to be a glutton u know.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell the hubby to lose weight while the wifey is putting on weight. It might make the wife jealous enough to divorce him. Better he eats more and adds more fat to his arteries so that they get clogged up and he drops dead from a stroke. With troublemakers like him literally gone to hell, maybe Malaysia would become a more peaceful place to live in.

Bernard said...

Lulu, you're listed as one of the "Thinking Blogs" ... Do any blogs make you think?

goldenhub said...

GE in August. Heard from a teacher that their school selected as voting center and they have to attend a meeting end of july..so they speculate is around mid-august b4 merdeka