Monday, May 28, 2007

Lulu Questions

If you needed surgery for a complicated problem, a matter of life and death, would race be a criterea on who you want to cut you open?
If you got into a big time legal problem with grave implications, would you look for a lawyer based on his race, or would you look at his track record?

I don't know about you, but I would choose the best person for the job.

What about you? Post these questions to yourself, and tell Lulu whether you still want to look at things in terms of race.


Anonymous said...

Madmonk says, Morning Lulu

If I want nasi lemak, I look for a Malay stall, for "dosai" an Indian stall and bah kut teh a chinaman.

If I want a government tender, I go to a Malay with connection, or if I want to fix a rival's house by giving him or her a "leaking roof" I recommend who know who. If I want to fix my own leak I go back to my own race.

If I want to buy a tortoise, I HAVE to go to a Chinese pet shop because I can't find any other race operating pet shops.

If I have a terminal disease, I won't go to any doctors of any race, cos' I will die a Malaysian!!

ha, ha a sad reality!

team BSG said...

to continue the saga if they are looking for fun and more fun who do they look for ? race dun think so.

China girls will be most fine halal or not !

Anonymous said...

Lulu, dwell not too much on illness and disease like as if it's the natural destined state of the human body and you'll be less likely to be afflicted. I mean, do not let it (unconsciously) sink into your consciousness as a "necessity" with, say, age.

The body and the mind is related and the body is more intelligent and adaptable than is given credit for by conventional science. and thinking. Hypochondria and associated worry are not positive indulgences but has become even "fashionable".


Shawn Tan said...

in an ideal world, race shouldn't be an issue.. however, in m'sia, it still is a major issue.. the thing isn't to try to make everything same and equal, but to accept the fact that there will always be differences and to celebrate that diversity..

sometimes, it is necessary to seek out a doctor/lawyer of your own race as they may be able to understand your problems better.. for example, in the case of health, different races lead different lifestyles, which leads to different ailments..

zewt said...

agree with shawn, sometimes, things are not within our control. but if it's truely within your context,obviously race wouldnt be a factor of consideration.