Friday, May 11, 2007

Lulu Presents You Views From Another Angle

Lulu first read about Maybank's discriminatory selection from the Edge on Saturday. The edge did not mentino the bank, but it was revealed on Sunday via the Star's "other newspaper" column, a translation of the news highlights from the Malay, Chinese and Tamil papers. Lulu was speechless reading it. I wanted to blog about it, but my PC let me down, and I've been so, so busy in the office.

The Utusan did quite an "interesting" coverage on the issue now that it has been "resolved". "" because what Maybank has said and "decided" may be different from what happens in practise.anyway, From the Utusan, Some points to take note of

1. Ahli-ahli ekonomi, peguam dan tokoh politik Melayu hari ini meminta kerajaan mempertahankan tindakan Malayan Banking Bhd. (Maybank) mengenakan syarat pemilikan 50 peratus kepentingan bumiputera dalam firma-firma guaman yang mahu menjadi panel bank tersebut
2. dasar baru berkaitan firma-firma guaman adalah selari dengan polisi kerajaan untuk mengagihkan secara adil kekayaan negara, khususnya kepada kaum bumiputera yang masih jauh ketinggalan dalam bidang ekonomi berbanding kaum lain.
3. kerajaan perlu menghargai langkah Maybank
4. Seorang ahli ekonomi, Haim Hilman Abdullah berkata, Maybank sebenarnya telah melaksanakan tanggungjawab sosial korporat terhadap kaum bumiputera di negara ini dengan memperkenalkan syarat-syarat baru berkaitan firma-firma guaman.
5. Still this En Haim, “dasar Maybank berkaitan ekuiti bumiputera dalam firma-firma guaman itu adalah ‘amat pragmatik‘”’ pada masa ini memandangkan orang Melayu memang belum mampu bersaing.
6. Pensyarah Fakulti Ekonomi Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Prof. Madya Asan Ali Gulam pula berkata, “Kabinet sepatutnya menggalakkan bank lain mengikuti langkah Maybank dan tidak melihat syarat itu sebagai diskriminasi kepada kaum lain.
7. Yang Dipertua Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Kuala Lumpur (DPMKL), Datuk Syed Amin Aljeffri Katanya: “Jika tindakan Maybank dianggap diskriminasi kaum, bagaimana pula tindakan sesetengah syarikat yang siarkan iklan pekerjaan mengutamakan mereka yang fasih berbahasa Mandarin sahaja untuk menghadiri temu duga.”
8. Pemangku Pengerusi Kelab Penyokong Kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BNBBC), Datuk Raja Ahmad Zainuddin Raja Omar menegaskan, tindakan mengekalkan kuota 50 peratus ekuiti bumiputera bagi firma guaman yang ingin berurusan dengan Maybank dibuat bukan untuk menguasai ekonomi.
9. Ketua Pemuda UMNO Johor, Razali Ibrahim menjelaskan, setelah berlaku eksais penggabungan bank di negara ini, bantuan kepada bumiputera, termasuk kepada firma guaman, semakin berkurangan.

10. Presiden Persatuan Peguam Muslim Malaysia, Datin Paduka Zaitoon Othman pula mengingatkan semua pihak supaya tidak menjadikan isu itu kontroversi.
‘‘Syarat itu tidak bermaksud firma bukan bumiputera tidak boleh menawarkan khidmat kepada Maybank, cuma mereka perlu memastikan ada 50 peratus ekuiti bumiputera dalam firma mereka,” katanya.
‘‘Tolong jangan perlekeh usaha Maybank ini,’’ katanya.

i think that as lawyers, those who need help already have been given the foot up via university entrances and CLP pass quota. Not all need help. Those who did their law degree abroad [i would like to think] got in on their own merit. [funding is something else]. Now as practising professionals, they still want these jalan-jalan? And worse still, hoping to shortcut the process into "owning" a law firm by this 50% requirement. Most law firms already have a bumi partner to make some people happy, but not to the 50% partnership level because that really should be earned.

and it disturbs me that this remark comes from professionals. Even the Malays at Promuda seems to be sokonging it, defending it as their right. And that leaves Lulu feeling very disturbed.

This was followed up be a document from Don Rahim, giving a Summary of selected Bumi devt initiatives at GLCs

If you browse through other documents in , you'll notice that some pages/contents on sensitive stuff ( e.g. Bumi issues in GLCs) are missing! That's understandable.
Perhaps they forgot to "include" the info below?
Appendix 1 :
See , exhibit 1.6.

Summary of selected Bumiputera development initiatives at Khazanah related companies

Bumiputera entrepreneur development programme
• Since 1995, RM2.5 billion worth of contracts awarded to 108 Bumiputera entrepreneurs under the Vendor Development Scheme byTNB
• 192 entrepreneurs developed byTM since 1994, of which 23 have manufactured products worth RM518 million
• 33% of EON and Proton Edar dealers are Bumiputeras (as of 2004)
• Faber Mediserve(part of UEM group) engages 67% of Bumiputera contractors with an annual contract value of RM37 million

Bumiputera procurement/ supplier policies
• AtTNB, 67% of procurement contracts in 2004 were to Bumiputeras, with an average of 30% of procurement contracts annually to Bumiputeras
• 72% of total value provided by Bumiputeras atTM, which involves 1,228 Bumiputera suppliers (of 54% of all suppliers)
• Bumiputera suppliers increased from 4 (24% of total value) in 1985 to 108 (38% of total value) in 2004 atProton
• At UEM Group, Bumiputera suppliers increased from 106 (46% of total) in 2001 to 130 (78% of total) in 2004; equivalent to an increase of RM92 million in contract value (88% of total) in 2001 to RM150 million (93% of total) in 2004

Bumiputera retailer development programme
• As of June 2005, 1,226 or 68% of retail lots owned by UDA were let to Bumiputeras
• Between 1996 to 2005, 59% of sales valued at RM68.7 million of retail space was sold to Bumiputeras by UDA

Employment and Human Capital Development at GLCs* of Bumiputeras
• 85% of Board of Directors are Bumiputeras
• 81% of professional executives and 76% of senior managers are Bumiputeras
• 80% of total executive staff or 11,125 executives employed by these GLCs are Bumiputeras
• Targeted programmes such as Smart Orange atTM andYES at UEM

Scholarships, unemployed graduates, community development programmes
AtTNB, 85% or 3,800 students sponsored were Bumiputeras, while atTM, 81% of total scholars were Bumiputeras
• Khazanah's GREEN programme which aims to assist and equip unemployed graduates with invaluable skills and experience to improve their chances of employment in the labour market
• 30 schools were adopted by various GLCs in Penang
• Community colleges being established, for example by UEM Group, to provide a source of skilled workforce during the construction of the Second Penang Bridge
• Holistic development plans, including social and Bumiputera development under theWilayah Pembangunan Iskandar Comprehensive Development Plan

It's an open secret which no one wants to acknowledge.


team BSG said...

they are getting braver by the day aren't they !
or are the rest getting more timid and hopeless?

Surely there must be something We can do ? ( or are we doomed to 69 again or what ? )

Anonymous said...

We boycott the racist white government of South Africa and similarly we should also "buy last" petrol from Petronas as they recruit non non-bumi first.

kittykat46 said...

Hi Lulu,
The original rationale of the NEP was to address the problem of poverty among Malays. It actually received broad support. After nearly 40 years, it has mutated into an expectation among many Bumis as a God given right to an endless stream of priveleges, no matter if they are already very well off.
There is now a large pool of Bumi lawyers, and many law firms have full-fledged Bumi partners. 51% or more partnership has to be EARNED by merit, not forced through by administrative rules.

Anonymous said...

These lawyers must be cream and if not how they get into Unis? Or they talk and argue their way w/o passing the exam? No wonder they do not need to sit for CLP.

They get assistance during their studies and now they also need assistance? Now wonder how to be gobal or simply kampong kacang putih.

Anonymous said...

wonder whether these people have a sense of pride. everything has to be on a platter. can you blame others for looking down on them?

Anonymous said...

The bumis have been having most of the cake.
Now they wanted the whole cake.

mob1900 said...

Well they are finally coming out to acknowledge Hand-outs, I applaused them whole-heartedly. Now we could start proclaming Bolehland acknowledges it practises Discriminatory Policies and Double-Standards.

It's about time. Hey, we have to look at the 'bright' sides don't we, heheheh.

Anonymous said...

Hence the name of Bansatland is truly appropriate, after Bolehland and Bodohland.


Anonymous said...

Non-bumis should take this issue as a personal judgement on their voting day. Simple. Privatised the issue and translate it to voting choice. There is no need to argue publicly over this as everything else will be "quota" eventually. Fools remain fools forever.

Anonymous said...


The Hungry 7:- Ali Rustam, who is also the Chief Minister of Melaka; former Melaka Chief Minister and now chairman of Gagasan Badan Ekonomi Melayu (Gabem) Rahim Thamby Chik; Umno liaison boss Muhammad Muhammad Taib; Minister of Rural and Regional Development Aziz Shamsuddin; Puteri chief Noraini Ahmad; and youth leaders Subahan Kamal and Rizal Merican Neena Merican.

"It should not have been made an issue. It is so odd that so many quarters are questioning the move, including the fact that it was brought to the Cabinet. Why don't we view it as an effort towards encouraging the growth of the Malays, who seem to be losing more and more of their rights?"

Anonymous said...

The cripples can have the cake but no more votes at the general election.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Personally I recall that Maybank was one of the stingiest bank in those days of higher interests for deposits. It paid out just about the lowest rates then. And this is not to say that its service were so particularly special at all.


lulu said...

bWhat a lulu!

I am Lulu, great to find another Lulu in this country :D!

nutree said...

look at the bright side of this.... it makes us non-bumis stronger and resilient. we will survive because we can.

Its just a shame that all the assistance given/to be given will only benefit a handful who are already set and not the deserving ones in the community.

Anonymous said...


What say you? The May 13 publications were seized by the government.