Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lulu Not Sure What To Make Of This, But Thought You'd Like To Know

fresh from Malaysiakini

Rubber tapper P Marimuthu, who is seeking the release of his Muslim wife and children from the Islamic religious authorities, won custody of his seven children today. The Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) this morning agreed to grant the custody of the children to Marimuthu to be raised as Hindus. They will be handed over to Marimuthu later today.However his Muslim wife Raimah Bibi Noordin would still be in the custody of the religious department. She will be granted access to her children but would not be allowed to live with her Hindu husband. The agreement between Marimuthu and the religious department was made at the Shah Alam High Court.
updated some thoughts @ 8:00pm
Sorry for such a short newsflash. Saw it during lunch, and had a meeting to attend, so didn;t have time to arrange my thoughts.
Kittykat remarked that it was Raimah Bibi made a very severe Mother's Day sacrifice by "admitting" that she is a Muslim, and not contest her "re-education" in return for the release of her children to their father.
Uncle Kit records in his blog,
“Yes, I agree to surrender my children to Marimuthu,” she said, wiping her tears with the ends of her headscarf.
Marimuthu’s lawyer, Karpal Singh indicated that Raimah Bibi gave up the children as a compromise to end the family’s predicament.
This truly takes the Mother's Day Award in Lulu's books.
Secondly, many have noted that this is a precedent in in these non-Muslims marrying don't-want-to-be-Muslim-but-were-born-into-it cases.
Lulu has a very uncomfortable feeling on this. Did JAIS agree on this compromise because it was the correct thing to do in their book, book as in the Quran/Hadith/whatever prescribes their rules, or was it because of other reasons?
If it is for the former, then this will be a true precedent, and future cases will use this case as a reference, but if it isn't, then this will be a flip-flop decision, depending on when your case is heard, what the murmuring on the ground is, and [of course], what the political masters dictate.
Only time will tell.
In the meantime, do pray for the family, that they will be comforted and one day, be united again.


kittykat46 said...

I think Raimah Bibi made a very severe Mother's Day sacrifice by "admitting" that she is a Muslim, and not contest her "re-education" in return for the release of her children to their father.
This a a halfway solution that's still very unsatisfactory.
I feel very sad that a family has been broken up in the name of religous supremacy.
Reminds me of "Re-Education Camps" in Communist China during the Cultural Revolution for those accused of deviating from Maoist ideals.

Anonymous said...

Sorry LuLu, hate to say this but if precedent is followed by the judges who swore to uphold the Constitution in court, then Lina Joy will be free!

Anonymous said...

how come no one has said anything abt Adam Houghton, who was circumcised as a child, as per newspapers today?

surely he can never leave his muslim faith?!!??

Anonymous said...

What I read in the newspaper today is more than what is reported here. It was stated that there was an affidavit dated april 2 that she was forced to live as a hindu and there was a visit to the Lembaga Zakat office in march whixh gave a picture that she was not happy with what was going on with her "marriage" .

Now, why is this not highlighted? Selective reporting to give credit to the "oh I sacrifised my interest for the well being of my husband and children"? And why give credit to kittykat view? I am curious.

kittykat46 said...

Hi Anonymous 11:17 am,
Raimah lived for 21 years with Marimuthu and had 7 children with him, then she suddenly decided to visit the zakat office and also report that he forced her to live as a Hindu ?

Maybe we were all born yesterday.

Anonymous said...

obviously something was brokered, to "save face"...

indeed, as karpal singh said, this is indeed a case of "solomon's justice"...

ah well...

Anonymous said...

kittykat, there are women out there, who, due to reasons best known to them, remains in a relationship or a marriage although they are treated like animals or whores or slaves for years and years and to some, for the whole of thier life. Please dont tell me that you dont know about this fact of life.

What A Lulu said...

if it was a horrid marriage to the wrong guy, i don't think she would have ceeded custody of the children to the father.
she could have and would have taken the children if she wanted to.
but she chose not to.
why? probably because she knows the children will be in good hands in their father's care.
doesn't sound like it was a suggering marriage to me.

What A Lulu said...

sorry, suggering -> i meant suffering.

Ko-chi Wai said...

a big sacrifice indeed, just to satisfy self-righteous religious pharisees who couldn't stand seeing a family of 21 years with 7 children can be happy and blissful. they must exercise their supposed god-given authority to tear families apart just because they can.

religious pharisees like these are not new. they've been around since thousands of years ago, and today we're seeing them right here in bolehland with newfound boldness to step all over the constitution of malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Adam Houghton escaped being sent to a pusat pemulihan akidah because he is a british citizen, which cannot be touched by malaysian religious goons. That is until he loses his mind and ask for malaysian citizenship. Then may God have pity on him

Anonymous said...

Kittykat, "religous supremacy" is exactly what the Turks secularists are dead against in Turkey lately.

The dumb EU governments criticize the Turkey military for threatening democracy because the later has expressed their intention to stop any reversion to islamism by their ruling AKP party.

Technically the EU statement may be correct but then islamism is by itself against democracy, therefore in the real context, the EU statement is actually just simply dumb.