Friday, May 11, 2007

Lulu Hopes

You know how in life, there are some people whom you hope to have very much happiness in life?
News like this
knowing that joy and happiness is entering his life makes Lulu very happy.

and on the flip side, there are those whom you have another sort of hope for.
In this case, that they are NEVER EVER seen in parliament again.
Maybe on a mean day, you would hope that the leaking pipes would crash down on them and maybe knock some intelligence and manners into them.
pic thanks to Mob1900

read more about it from Chow Kon Yeow and Lim Kit Siang. They were there and defended her.
this one, dunno if she was there as Hansard is not out yet. She has yet to make a stand on chauvanism and sexist remarks in the parliament.

Lulu's not sure which emotion is more geram-ing at the moment
that the two MPs could make such an uncouth statement and insulted all women
the amazement and pity for those two MPs for having absolutely no values in them.


Anonymous said...

Great poster! Couldn't have done it better myself.

It's that persistent Ayrab cultural invasion of Misogyny long rooted in their kampong air heads.

What else can these sort of Neolithic kneejerks be described? They are ever so hole-ly on account of that(in their own murky estimation, of course).


zewt said...

such things are all in a day's work... isnt it?

Anonymous said...

What is the problem Lulu? The monthly leakage Truth hurting? Luckily it is NOT an Absolute Truth!

Anonymous said...

"The monthly leakage" is a biological fact alright, Anon 1.31PM but it's not what is being resented. Rather, it's clearly the intention behind the words which is reprehensible. But then, it's that big circus, aka Parliament. What to expect?


Anonymous said...

When some kampong airheads, both high and low, start jeering and leering at issues that seemingly offend them, they characteristically go way overboard in the most vulgar manner. That unwitting revelation of a conditioned outlook steep in hidden hubris.

Such are not people rooted in rationality but possessed by feel-good passion.

And they assume they possess the best values!

Their brainwashed supremacist feelings come unhinged easily. Like what the Buddha said about passion from an uncultivated man that comes pouring through as with a badly thatched roof when it rains. No forbearance, tolerance or logic.