Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lulu Didn't Study Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) in Oxford

or anywhere else for that matter, but Lulu has had enough years of schooling and reading Readers Digest to know that a goverment which has no opposition is NOT GOOD for any country.

Our PM's sSIL was quoted by mainstream media as saying,
My responsibility is to destroy the opposition

If anyone succesfully destroys any form of opposition, wouldn't that leave us with an autocratic government.

from my favourite wikipeida, on autocracy

An autocracy is a form of government in which the political power is held by a single person.
The term autocrat is derived from the Greek word autokratĂ´r (lit. "self-ruler", "ruler of one's self"). Compare with oligarchy (literally means rule by the few) and democracy (rule by the majority, by the people).
Today it is usually seen as synonymous with despot, tyrant and/or dictator, though each of these terms originally had a separate and distinct meaning (see their respective articles).
Autocracy is not synonymous with totalitarianism, as this concept was precisely forged to distinguish modern regimes that appeared in the 1930s from traditional dictatorships. It also isn't synonymous with military dictatorship, as these often take the form of "collective presidencies" (see the South-American juntas). However, an autocracy may be totalitarian or be a military dictatorship.
Bad enough, parliament has the sufficient 2/3 mandate that it needs to pass whatever law they deem beneficial to exactly-who-i-don't-know. But at least we have some form of opposition to question the implications and nessecity of these new bills.
Do you really want to be ruled by a despot, tyrant, and/or dictator?

Really, to want to destroy the opposition?
How? Kill them, jail them, sue them, smear them, make them one of you?? How??

I dunno about you, but it's long overdue. We need to strengthen the parliament in our country. This would mean a stronger opposition. When you cast your one precious vote, please, go with Lulu and vote the opposition.
If anything, for more accountability in the government of the day, and better governance of the tanah tumpahnya darahku.
Or even if it's just to see Lulu smile... do place your X in the correct box.


Wattahack? said...

whatalulu: my sentiments exactly... how can there be a democratic country without any opposition?

xpyre said...

what to do? we live under a fascist dictatorship. vote must vote lah, but what shall we do about rigged electoral rolls and phantom voters?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mum & Dad for not sending me to PPE Oxford!

e wong

desiderata said...

hi Lulu, now I can picturise you after May 19, glad for your attendance:)

How about joing newly-conceived Desiderata-Progress Club using Poetry to teach the incumbent Government adnd the Opposition what Democracy entails? THINKING ALLOUD: We have Socialist-socialite meetings in a Capitlist Hotel singing Beatles songs and reading Ehrmann's poems as a regualr feature at my meetings.

Anonymous said...

My 1 sen worth comments. For one, even Singapore at one stage of its political milestone encouraged opposition members in parliament.

Annihilate all opposition in "a democracy". Only an empty headed skull can think of this.

Anyway, idiotic remarks by a half-past six Oxfart University trained graduate showed his own remarkable stupidity, probably not the fault of the University. Showed there are still people who have wasted their time and money there, who have emerged "uneducated" in the number of years spent there. The ancient Chinese edifice on the educating process used to be the "Thung Shu" or Thung Xing, remember the old version embodies ancient sayings of wisdom, horoscope and astrology etc, elderly Chinese proficient in the classical chinese language today still use to select "good days" to move house, getting married etc.

That classical text till today in essence still teaches the chinese younger generation basically one thing. How to "be" humane as a human being, morally and virtuous lifestyle, behavior, etc as one progresses from this life to the next world.

In contrast, what do this generation learn in unversities nowadays? Basically the bottomline: how to amass wealth.

So Lulu, you didn't miss much by not prolonging the schooling process because universities DON'T EDUCATE people nowadays. They MERELY SCHOOLED people. It's better to be truly "educated" in "Life University" (in Canotnese, means, "Sai Kai Tai Hok")

Simple folks who have never been to universities are by far better better educated through life experiences and certainly more importantly, "wiser" people compared to so-called degree holders (i.e.idiots)in question.

Confucius classified humans into "small men" (xiaoren) and "gentlemen" (junzi).

Simply analysed by Confucius on political courage and whether it is a virtue (quote): "The gentlemen puts rightness before courage. A gentlemen who has courage but does not know rightness will become a trouble maker.

We now know who this small man who has courage and does not know rightness is the political brigand."

I don't think Confucius confused himself in his definition. And we are not confused in identifying who this tyrant is either.


moo_t said...

As usual,
Is it progress if cannibal learn to use spoon and fork?

If Malaysia going autocratic, Malaysia cultures will be ruin, as similar to German under Nazi. And we know how destructive the machinery will be. When the culture disappear, the country will be void, no matter how many time the politician say, "so and so will no disappear from the world".

Thomas Mann choose to exile from Nazi German. If there is a sign of blind voter(especially those village folks) allow such madness continue, Thomas Mann way is the only way to save the country.

kittykat46 said...

Unfortunately this thug with an Oxford degree was actually being frank - and the level of his mentality is on parade. He didn't say destroy the opposition's case, or refute the opposition. He said Destroy the opposition.

Vote BN - Barisan Najis.

lucia said...

woo!! khairy the opposition destroyer!

kittykat said it well. to think this oxford boy has no brain to know that a country need an opposition. was he trying to tell us that his responsibility (and ambition?) is to turn malaysia into an autocratic country? neat.

Anonymous said...

The FIL just winked at his invaluable gift to Bodohland....he is Mr Niceguy, you know.


Anonymous said...

Look at this blighter who talks about destruction when he is just an unelected representative of the govt.

Anonymous said...

"My responsibility is to destroy the opposition"

Is that so?
I wouldn't bet on it. Given the myriad scandals and misdeeds of the BN, even the Bumis themselves are getting fed-up.
For all I know they will most probably vote for the opposition.
Then we'll see whether he is killing the opposition or the opposition is killing him!

Ko-chi Wai said...

..."destroy the opposition"...he has every chance to do so in a civil, oxford-ian manner tonight at the KL Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. even that he chickened out, as when when he chickened out of a forum to debate against PKR's Adlan Benan Omar and PAS's Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad. perhaps his idea of "destroy" is to send in his Putera Rempit Umno stormtroopers. but that is hardly original as well since it's a trick used countless of times by ppl lesser than him.

Anonymous said...

An Oxford education would NEVER have been wasted on Lulu.


Anonymous said...

does that include opposition within his party? i wouldnt be too surprise cause of his ambition to be the numero uno.

Joshua said...

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team BSG said...

If indeed mr sil can destroy the opposition we ( and the rest of all you guys and gals )should welcome him as our next superhero and King and we mean it.