Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lulu Busy Kerja

remember this?

it was a poster originating from cheesie of cheesieland.
when lulu posted it up, lulu THOUGHT she was having a busy at work.
i thought i was busy then. now my busyness has reached those "no time to fall sick, only have time to die" type.

the sad truth is, lulu does not have the option to just resign like this.

for starters, Lulu loves baking. Have been too busy to bake though. But Lulu really enjoys it. sometimes I bake and bake and bake, but there are not enough makan-ers for my cake, and end up giving it to any Tom, Dick or Harry I see.
back to the point. Lulu loves baking.
But harga tepung naik!
How to continue baking if I can't afford the tepung.
I'm scared to think of the ripple effect it would have on the roti canai, bread, noodles, my cintan mee.

I also enjoy reading. Not those deep philosophical stuff. Not chic lit. Somehow, I missed that stage. But I enjoy mystery, suspense and whatever you call those Jeffrey Archer/Ken Folliet stuff. I am also a supported of Malaysian non-fiction publications.
But I just can't bring myself to do what these kids did
eli wong has the low-down on these low-lifes.
so, looks like I'll have to continue doing what any self respecting person would do - pay for my own book purchases.

Have you met coffee addicts? Those whose day only picks up after a good mug of caffeine? You seen what they look like before their coffee? i try to keep away from my boss before he has his coffee - mood not so nice pre-coffee.
anyway, Lulu is not a coffee addict. alas, Lulu is a Milo junkie. Yes, the "minum milo anda jadi sihat dan kuat" type. I love it, love it love it. When I travel, I'd even bring a softpack with me. Trust Lulu, Milo in the UK tastes different from the ones here. Palm based Milo, in Lulu's opinion, is superior to malt based Milo. When I have my afternoon cuppa [the second cup of the day], my smile really goes from ear to ear, and somehow, I can feel this wave of happiness. My colleagues can recognise my Milo glow.
alas again, even harga Milo naik.
Bad enough I have to pay more for my Milo, if I resign, I can't get my free flow from the office daily.

The signs are there - Lulu cannot resign. Not now.
so how?
Lulu has to weather the busy-ness.
maybe even vote in someone else to Parliament to help make life more affordable.
convince a few more to join Lulu and make that change.
then maybe, the next time I'm overloaded with work, I have a realistic option to tell my boss, "I'm tired, I want to leave".
Until then, it's back to work for Lulu.


Anonymous said...

If the price of a price-controlled item like flour, a vital ingredient in making basic foodstuff like bread, noodles and biscuits, could be increased BEFORE the general elections, all hell will break loose AFTER the elections

zewt said...

u know why? cos the relevant ppl already sent a noticed to all the traders well before the price increased. my friend who works in an industry which requires much flour received it.

it's like a signal... raise your price, cos we are going to raise ours.

who suffers in the end?

Anonymous said...


If there is one thing that does not suffer impotency is "prices" of almost every damn thing. A few years ago, "tao kay" price went up, the last bastion of million things that cost more. Now, a tin of cooking oil went up from RM26 to RM40 something now, at last count. And the "wonder-fool" thing is that once the prices go up, it never come down, like impotency. But the most tragic part are two factors, "unethical practices", everybody (operators and operatives) would be price-triggered happy to increase the prices (but not the value or quality) of foodstuff. Some like hawkers centers charged higher prices and "less" quantity. Secondly, government-spin statistics propagate that "your quality of living standard" has gone up or so-called inflationary rates has been "kept" constant or (just fancy that) dropped. Talking about "stirring public uneasiness", I think these idiots spinning statistics are just blatant lies. And you and me know who these culprits are.

SP said...

Hi Lulu

My name is Sreejit and you know my father MGG Pillai, I came across your tribute to him on the net and wanted to get in touch with you. Do hope to keep in touch. I started blogging to keep my dad's spirit alive since last year. do hope that we can keep in touch and once again, thank you for the kind words. Much appreciated. my email is


Anonymous said...

Latest: Another proposed round of toll hike. Semi Valued said: (quote): "If we cannot develop our roads, we might as well use roads that can only be used by bullock carts." (unquote)

Yes, don't think Malaysians have cow brains. Contrary, some BN ministers have buffalo skin. If we do use bullock cart, guess who is the cow?