Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lulu Also Got Leaking Problem

Looking at the list from the Star on the repairs needed on the Parliament roof to ensure that the roof do not fall on men who spew racial and sexist slurs on their opponents at the "heat of the moment" and other spineless men and women who do not defend those who are attacked based on racial and sexist slurs, Lulu noticed at least one same problem that she's facing with her apartment.

Samy Vellu said the department's report revealed:

  • CRACKS and water seepage on the concrete roof;
  • SEEPAGE through the rain gutter surface edge;
  • CLOGGED gutters which caused water retention;
  • WATERPROOFING on the roof was not working and had been used beyond its lifespan;
  • WATERPROOFING was installed on the concrete surface without any protective layer;
  • CLOGGED drainage pipes;
  • SEWERAGE pipe leaks at VIP and other toilets;
  • DAMAGED expansion joints; and
  • THE absence of maintenance work.
yeh... my clogged gutter is causing water retention, which in turn is clogging the gutter and caused the water to seep in through my ceiling. or something like that.

maklumlah, I don't have RM22mil of government money to spend to inspect the gutter. neither do I think that the RM22 mil that will be used to inspect governmet buildings in Putrajaya would include an inspection on my apartment. But at least my apartment is 22 years old, unlike those Putrajaya buildings. It's a sheer waste of money, and like what I've said before, I'm fed-up.

Anyway, Lulu has to fork out her own money to do her own repairs. It's "painful", it's expensive but I don't mind. It has to be done.
For that and some other reasons, I've also decided to change my ceiling. I thought I'd as well get it done now.

And I'm getting some responsible people to fix it. I am not choosing a relative to do it. And I have no cronies to choose from. Nor is there anyone whom I owe a "favor" to. Neither will I choose someone who will sub-contract it out to do it. It's my home and my hard earned money, and I will choose wisely.

sigh.. if only the people at PWD would think like Lulu too.

it just crossed my mind, since my MP is famous for fixing clogged drains, do you think she'd have helped clear the clogged gutter if I had asked?


freethinker said...

Beehun famous fix that meh

What A Lulu said...

:) i've added links to that statement

Anonymous said...

Hi Lulu,

Remember the MAD-monk?

I don't know whether you got leaking problem but I have one too. Everytime, it "really" rains, my car porch ceiling leaks water right down at the main door and I am thinking of whether it will take RM22 million to fix it?? I don't have a chow mei fun in my area but I am looking for a chow kwei teow repairman. Take care Lulu and keep in touch. I am anxiously waiting for the drought season, it will cure my leaking problem, never mind, even temporarily.

Anonymous said...

Your Beehun MP might recommend her 2 boyfriends from Jasin and Kinabatangan, ie One-eyed Said and Bung(hole) Mok to clear your clogged gutter

mob1900 said...

those pink URLs just send tingles through me shingles! ;)

Anonymous said...


madmonk says overcast sky and the Act of God is coming, leaking thru' your gutter. Don't blame anybody, semi valued etc. get beehun your servant to fix it for free!

Billy said...

In the last GE, there were many pix of her in the msm pointing her finger at longkangs. Come this GE, I bet you "Fried Mee Hoon" is going to do it again, and it's getting real stale. Instead of pointing downwards, for a change why not point upwards, where we all should be.