Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Kempen Bantu Lulu Gantikan Ipod Kesayangannya

Lulu does not have many toys.
no dopods, phone with camera, pdas etc.

But I do own an Ipod. It's a 30gig Ipod video. And I love it.
It holds all those 105.7 "Light and Easy"-type music which I enjoy singing along with, my Mandarin songs from the 70's and the Canto tunes from the last millenium.
Believe it or not, the most frequently played song is "一场游戏一场梦" by Wong Kit.
Annie Lennox and U2 are also constant features.
and I never realised how much I enjoy British pop until I looked at my playlist the other day.
and being Malaysian, I've also got Alleycat, JayJay& Carefree, Freedom, even Shima. Surprisingly, no Sheila Majid. Didn't realise it.

ok, most of my music is like 20-30 years ago, but you have to understand, I'm a lulu, and it takes me forever to learn the lyrics of a song.

My ipod goes with me everywhere.
It's on throughout the day when I'm in the office, playing all my favourite songs. Later in the evening, when most people have gone home, I'll sing along with the music as I do my work.

My Ipod battery died during the weekend.
sad, sad day.
I called the Apple center, and they explained to me that when the battery dies, the Ipod is as good as dead too.
sad sad sad day.
They've offered my an out of warranty replacement, meaning I can get a replacement unit, but I have to pay for it. albeit, lower than having to buy a brand new one, but I still have to pay a few hundred for it.

This got Lulu thinking....

maybe, maybe if you guys at the organising committee of BUM could make some phonecalls to Apple Malaysia, offer them a free booth right next to the registration counter of one of M'sia's more techie event to display their latest toys in exchange [yup! no freelunch! no freelunch!] for some lucky draw gifts in the form of Ipods AND THEN rig the draw so that Lulu gets the 30gB Ipod video, that would be great! I'm not greedy. I just want the 30gB. The 80gig, the nano and the mini, you can give [or rig] it to someone else.

How 'bout that guys? A lucky draw with Ipods sponsored by Apple?
and to shortcut the process for you,
Unit 02, Plaza Level, Block A Wisma Tenggara
No 45, Medan Setia 1 Plaza Damansara
Bukit Damansara
Tel: +6 03 2711 1888Fax: +6 03 2711 2888

For the rest of you, non-comm members, if you're already going, see you there. I'll be the quiet perempuan you see sitting somewhere at the back. Not a social butterfly, so highly doubtful if I'll be flitting and floating around. But do say hi if you suspect you recognise me.

If you haven't decided whether or not to go, do decide soon as the deadline is tomorrow. Give the org committee a break. It will greatly help them go forward with the plans.
Their website : BUM2007


Anonymous said...

can replace the battery right?


Quote of the Week: "My iPod battery life was gone. I couldn't believe how quick and painless your battery replacement program was - from ordering to installation. Plus, I get to keep my original iPod, which was a birthday gift from my wife. Thanks, guys!" Bill from Moline, IL more testimonials...

lucia said...

ya i thought can replace battery one??

request apple to set up a stall? not bad idea... but you know lah must let the whip and the chair decide.

me won an ipod shuffle but gave it to my niece since my PDA and phone can store songs already. ayoh! but me phone lost! :( ya still looking for a contest to win a phone. now using a very old, very lousy phone.

Jonathan said...

You can buy the replacement kit from lelong.com.my for about 40 bucks - Maybe ay LowYat also. Installation is easy... Manual included.

kittykat46 said...

Hi Lulu,
The iPod's memory depends on its battery power, so you will lose all the items you stored in there.

But I thought you just need to replace the battery (costs less than RM 100 ? - never bought a replacement battery before), then its as good as new.

You do need to reload all your old songs (ouch! painful)

Howsy said...

We wouldn't want to ask for any sponsorships as we don't want invite conflict of interest.

As for the new DAP (Digital Audio Player, not that DAP) and a new handset, why not ask Taiko for it? He knows LG ppl wat...

Anonymous said...


>The iPod's memory depends on its battery power, >so you will lose all the items you stored in there.

I thought it depends on what type of iPod? Lulu said it's a video ipod so I assume they are hard disk based. If so the data should still be intact.

abiscotti said...

hey! my battery died too about a month ago. i looked all over online to find a decent site with replacement batteries. i ended up finding one that exceded my expectations. i have a mini ipod, but the company sells just about every version of ipod battery replacements. it came with full instructions, a tool, and a 10 year warranty. it was also much less expensive than a replacemnt from Apple. Maybe you should try this!

What A Lulu said...

:) abiscotti, thanks for the link. i'm taking up the offer for an out of warranty replacement. they're replacing my ipod with a brand new one for rm260. thought that was a reasonable deal.