Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ananda Krishnan Dashed Lulu's Hopes of Being a Millionaire

In Public Bank's recent AGM, founder Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow mentioned that a shareholder of 1,000 Public Bank shares in 1967 would now be owner of 129,720 Public Bank shares worth RM1.55mil (including all gross dividends)!

Lulu thought that Maxis could be the next Public Bank.

and so like those 1,000unit of PBB shareholders in 1967, Lulu thought that maybe in 2047, Lulu could be a millionaire thanks to her 1,000 units of Maxis. And maklumla, in 2047, that money is going to be needed cos Lulu'd probably need to pay for hospital bills, old folks home fees, etc cos my government ain't going to pay for it.

alas, that was not to be.

Ananda Krishnan insists on delisting it.

Farewell my friend!
Farewell my generous dividends!
Farewell my daily thrills of seeing the share naik turun!

If migration is offering you a better life [or is it list] abroad, go ahead. We'll miss you here. If only our country could have treated you better.


Anonymous said...

Count your blessings. Who knows that maybe by 2047, a comet would have slammed into Earth, rendering millionaires and beggars alike into ashes.(And also finally ending the NEP in this hopeless land because bumis and non-bumis alike are recalled to see their maker)

earl-ku said...

hmmm looks like u have a unit ... cashing out ... u are gonna get more or less 10k rite ...

Anonymous said...

Aiya, go cash the stock and buy magnum 4 digit. You want easy money one

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...wasn't Ananda a one time international arms merchant too? Quickest way to get rich.

Bolehland is also Bangsatland was in late Nov '05 that speculation(TheSun, Biz section) had it that the Bank Negara was about to raise interest rate all round so that small time depositors could have better returns than that dratful 3% pa which the nameless ppl have to put up with for so long since the Asian Financial Crisis That has not happened and seems unlikely to in any forseenable future.

Not only is Lulu denied of becoming a millionare, a lot of others too, apparently in various big ways. if!

Something unmistakedly bangsat(mean) stinks in the air and gets even worse.


Anonymous said...

And Ananda's Astro sub is increasing in June!