Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lulu's Watching Al-Jazeera tonight 9:30pm

Lulu received 3 sms-es today telling me that al-jazeera will be featuring what the M'sian govt is doing about the apostacy cases in the country, and it's impact on non-Muslims. Also, never before seen footages of apostates in detention.
AlJazeera, tonight 9:30.
and if your tech savvy, please record it and upload to youtube.

also from Harris Ibrahim's The People's Parliament, with reference to "a man whose wife and child was taken away from him by those who will have us believe they act in the defence of Islam",
"This man has been interviewed by AlJazeera. Footage on this matter aired on Friday and is due to be repeated tonight, 22/4/07 at 9:30pm, Astro Channel 20"


update 9:40
aiyah... don't have la. The schedule says, "Inside Iraq", and that's what's on now.
Would call Harris, the Man, but his number is in my office email, which, is in the office. Anyone has any idea what time it will be on? Or where to find the youtube version?


__earth said...

it wasn't aired. =(

zewt said...

my future mom in law also received 3 such sms-es. i wonder if you're her friend.

Anonymous said...

That show will never see the light of day (or night) in this country. How to expect the govt airing a show which criticises their "faith rehabilitation centres"

Anonymous said...

Crummy! Also got the SMS but no airing.....waited till 10.40pm. Nah, didn't expect anything worthwhile helpful even if it was aired. We already know what's in the very core. Just turned on Channel 20 for the novelty of it.

BTW, "Al'Jezebel" has a an animated logo that looks like a bunch of tummy worms!


Ko-chi Wai said...

it was supposed to be rescheduled to 12.30am, with repeats during morning and afternoon from monday till friday. but my friend said the 12.30am slot didn't have any footage nor report on the apostasy issue as well. i suspect it has been censored, and will not see the light of day here. remember that even live broadcast in astro has a 5-10 minutes delay in order for the snippers to snip footages.

What A Lulu said...

i don't think it was censored.
what was shown was consistent with the website listing, which was also consistent with the pattern for the week and month. so, i wouldn't be so fast to reach the censored theory.

per a friend's update, and also the discussion on forum, the program is "every woman". there was a repeat at 4:30 this morning, and again, 5:30 this evening. can someone out there tape it and upload to youtube please?

mob1900 said...

It is on.

Anonymous said...

Acess Malaysiakini, there is a one minute video clip on yesterday's show on the apostasy. Today, it will be continued.