Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fed Up! Lulu's Heard This Tune Too Many Times

Poor design, shoddy workmanship, and bad supervision and maintenance are to blame
and if the government is not fed-up about it, Lulu don't know what to say anymore.

School buildings unfit for use due to shoddy workmanship
MATRADE building which was delayed, and required repairs
Mould found in newly handover hospitals
Cracks on MRR2
and now, this
It was so bad, the water from the 7th floor caused the 5th floor ceiling to crash.
and this is not the finale. Putrajaya Public Works Department director Abdul Rahim Ahmad has been quoted by the Star as saying, “I have seen similar shoddy workmanship at several other buildings in Putrajaya,”

always the same tune
Poor design, shoddy workmanship, and bad supervision and maintenance are to blame

Lulu knows this is wistful thinking but Lulu wants the government to act reponsibly and award contracts to people who will do the job well and efficiently. I'm tired to hearing of all these problems that follow, and worse, most of them come back with an inflated bill, way off from the bid price.

Stop handing out contracts to those who will line your pocket
Stop handing out contracts to those who give your party money
Stop handing out contracts to those who are related to you
Stop handing out contracts to those who will hire your relations on paper, pay them, and don't even expect them to come to work
Stop handing out contracts to those individuals who are proven failure, but are not blacklisted because they are now bidding under a new company

... i think you get the picture.

I do think the government is fed-up of this, but as long as they need "these" contractors, we can only expect more of it to happen :-(
It's easy to say that it doesn't really matter to us, it's "their" business. But as I fill up my income tax form, I'm reminded how much of my hard earned money is being wasted.
Make a difference. Join Lulu in putting your "X" where it matters to make that difference.


Anonymous said...

"The contractor has to repair this mess", said the Public Works Director. Knowing the way of the govt, the contractor will be bailed out again with public money to carry out the repairs. And he will be awarded bigger and more profitable contracts despite the blotches on his record. This is what we get for Independence from the British colonisers, to be governed by local crooks and swindlers.

Anonymous said...

We don't hear about the same with that Petronas Twin Towers which was built by two US firms.


Jason h said...

Going to Cali this weekend!! We're you the one asking me about the government grants website? Here it is..Here ya go..

zewt said...

well, at least they didnt blame God.

oh... how u know BLC has got a lot of born again churchians?

Anonymous said...

when a recreational park can be built in 12 days in time for the machap by-election, msians are already groveling on the foot of these masters. even when the country is going down the basket case path, it matters not to them as long as they can get their newly tarred roads, new streetlights, as well as the RM100 or RM200 angpows.

Anonymous said...

History re-visited: April 29 of 2005 news report. Members of parliament were told to leave Dewan Rakyat when the ceiling sprang, infamous quotation, "a RM80 million leak". Water seeped in throughthe ceiling, drenching last row of Blocks A and B. Speaker at that time was quoted to have said it was too dangerous to continue with the proceeding. "The ceiling could have collapse for all we know." (quote) Opposition leader called it, "a day of shame for parliament. Students who were present at the gallery was told by their teacher that the leaky ceiling in the House was an "experience to be treasured."

Milestone of BN government!!

ksq said...

this call for an ACA investigation.
but wait... isn't the Head of ACA himself under probe?

fed up is an understatement here.

Anonymous said...

Leaky ceilings are so common and surely makes money for the gomen contractors to redo. You don't hear of smaller projects elsewhere experiencing the same over the years. E.g, the impressive looking Hospital Bahagia's recent out-patient building in Perak, in no time at all.


Anonymous said...

I guess it is the end of BN's self acclaimed, "First class Infrastructure, Third Class Mentality." In Cantonese, sounds like "ulta-infrastructure".

It is our national leadership's latest "leaky culture", everything is leaking....government fundings (leakages). It's a shame to the world. LeakyLand from BolehLand.

lucia said...

yeah i'm fed up too. in fact so fed up that i had decided not to blog about it.