Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lulu Would Like to Hear PJU's MP's Stand on Issues Confronting Our Nation

Haris Mohd Ibrahim, JeffOoi's defence lawyer in the defamation suit, has started a new blog: The People's Parliament.

Haris is involved in a civil society project that is being initiated to enable voters to know better the stand of their present MPs on several pressing issues that confront our country.
The idea is to get a group of voters from a particular constituency to approach their sitting MP for clarification as to his personal stand on those issues. The MP concerned will be pressed to make his stand publicly known and will be informed that his failure to do so will be taken to mean that his views do not conform to the views of his constituents

He is looking for people who live and vote in
1. Bandar Tun Razak
2. Batu
3. Setiawangsa
4. Lembah Pantai
5. Segambut
7. Petaling Jaya Selatan
8. Petaling Jaya Utara
9. Subang
10. Kelana Jaya
and would like to be involved in this effort, to send an e-mail to with your full name and contact particulars.
Don't worry if your constituency is not listed above. He has to start with a managable number, and move from there. If you can gather 10 voters from your area, I'm sure it would fastrack your request to meet your MP.
The current count is
PJ Selatan : 6
PJ Utara : 3
Lembah Pantai : 1
Batu : 2
Segambut : 2
Subang : 1

Other than being the MP of PJU, Lulu's MP is also the Secretary to Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. I think it would be interesting to hear what her stand is on Article 11. We have seen the impact in real life families. She has not said anything about the families of R Subashini and P Marimuthu & Raimah Bibi. What is her ministry doing to protect these families? What is her position on the usage of Syariah court when one spouse is a dhimmy?
Wouldn't that be more relevant than her "Chew blames men for single girls" theory in Parliament?

Would you heed Haris's call, and drop him a mail commiting yourself to at least find our more about YOUR member of Parliament?


Anonymous said...

The Secretary to Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development is keeping her big mouth sealed up on the Subashini and P Marimuthu & Raimah Bibi issues for fear umno would veto her contesting in the next GE. Then where would she get the money to continue staying in her gated community? Have a heart, lulu

Anonymous said...

What stand? I thought BN MPs are good at "sitting" on issues! or at best "sleeping" with it.

team BSG said...

a ha da r e a l i t y of politics.

V never believe a lot of things least of all 'paid' politicians ( of whatever denomination creed or color ) you ??

Anonymous said...

Well, chewing on rice vermicelli is the lot of the commoner ppl. She can easily afford to chew on char siew and siew yoke at every meal. That would help nourish the brain cells more. :D


Anonymous said...

Lulu, sorry to say this. Don't expect your MP to make any stand on national issues! Why? Simple, the answer is that she got "no balls!" (I don't mean this in a sexist way-remark) That's why she has to 'toe the party line" and carry "Balls Nasional"