Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lulu Offers Two Tunes To PM

Today, I was at the CEO's office, and overheard some top gun trying to make an appointment with the CEO. Because like all CEOs [real ones that is, not the Lulu Writes Fiction daft one] , he is quite a busy chap, with travelling and meetings on his schedule. On top of that, this top gun is not really anyone important to our business, so, the PA told the top gun that the earliest slot he would have for him would be in the third week of May.

Unlike my CEO, our Prime Minister is making himself available at the spur of the moment to meet the Volkswagen cheif.
I am waiting,'' Abdullah told reporters. "I am expecting (them) to come anytime.''
the Star, 2nd April
“I am waiting to meet the (Volkswagen) chief. He has indicated that he wants to see me. So, I am expecting him to come anytime,”
the Star, 3rd April
and in today's paper,
“I have not seen him yet,” he said. “I don’t think I can wait too long.” The Prime Minister, however, declined to say how long he was willing to wait for the Volkswagen chief. “I will not tell you when, you just wait.”
When negotiating any deal, a supposedly win-win proposal is usually given. A lot of cat and mouse game going on, but NEVER would either party bow down looking so desparate as our PM is in his negotiation to "dispose" of Proton. The two main signs, one - that the Prime Minister is involving himself in this commercial deal, and two - he is still willing to wait for Volkswagen in spite of their silence are clear obvious signals on how badly we want this deal to go through and how low we would stoop to make it happen.

I guess the tune of the day for PM would be AirSupply's I Can Wait Forever.
I can wait forever,
if you say you'll be there, too
I can wait forever, if you will,
I know it's worth it all
To dump Proton to you.....

a close second, Please Don't Go by KC and The Sunshine Band
please don't go
Don't go
Don't go away
Hey, hey, hey
I need you to-buyout-Proton
I'm down on my knees
Beggin' please, please, please
Don't go
Don't you hear me baby
please don't go

if you give me a call, I'd sing it to you *wink*


Anonymous said...


Indeed about a day or two ago, this subject of Volksvagen involvement was mentioned in CNBC when an investing expert could not provide any info on it. It's inconceivable that if that German company was enthusiastic about it that this great silence would've descended hence.

Just a BLah spin to look good like the deal is still pending and that Proton actually has something attractive.


Anonymous said...

Sad to say, two tunes don't maketh a song! "That man is an Euclidian point?" so said Eernest Rutherford. What it means?? Well, it makes our PM a man with a position but without substance. This song ended without a tune but just a note. Hallaluyah

Shawn Tan said...

huhuhu... very funny... and true too!! eh, you forgot to give out your number so that people can call up and listen to you sing!! (don't give out your number)

zewt said...

i am sure there're some things which we dont know... anyway, i am talking nonsense... sigh

Anonymous said...

When a bangsat industry should crash, those(almost every motorist) who became affected by it for 22 years could hardly not feel vindicated.


Anonymous said...

Spelling out the reasons why weshould be patriotic and love the great Proton: http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/65724



Boss Lepton said...

lulu nice change to the tune. record it in mp3 then post it la

wink wink

art chan said...

Why should the PM get involved..just let it close shop if it is not profitable anymore. Treat it like any comercial venture...good products will find buyer..so if proton can make good cars (sic) no worry...it will survive.

Anonymous said...

Correct, art chan, that's it. That mollycoddling partiality irritates.

Assuming(??) that all the known weaknesses in quality have be somewhat corrected in this (22 years old design) Proton Saga AB "offer" thing, there are still two factors unclear.

Is it a must that buyers can only buy on instalment? If not, say so. Why should potential buyers have to ring up Proton on this?

Has Proton in any way really atoned for its historical arrogance by way of PR(yet)?


Anonymous said...

PM is not bz la..his schedule is packed with overseas vacations