Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lulu Found The Everywoman - Apostasy Episode on YouTube

don't weep, my beautiful country.
Instead, choose to do something about it.

Start by asking WHY and what can I do so that it will never ever happen to another family.


misty said...

did u catch the show on astro ch. 20 @ 9.30pm last nite. i did....i highly doubt if there is anything we can do. :(

jesscet said...

thanks for uploading the YouTube! i was in Singapore the last two days and it saved me from searching in the Net! is sad..i don't even know what to can religion be forced upon whether it's islam or others.

what do u think us ordinary citizens can do..?

lucia said...

who was the one who upload this to youtube?

i know of this yesterday via beritamalaysia (are you in beritamalaysia, lulu?) when sonia randhawa posted it.

What A Lulu said...

cet, i terlupa you were in singapore. thanks for picking up the call and forwarding me the updates.
what can we do? for starters, pray. did you notice that the church has been highlighting these art11 cases in our pastoral prayer? :D
lucia, the person who uploaded this did not leave his/her name. i too would like to thank the person.

Omar Chatriwala said...

heh, it iss Al Jazeera that's uploaded the video - you can see lots of programmes at