Monday, April 30, 2007

Lulu Facing Buffer Overun Problem at Home

and too busy to blog from office. That's why-la, not many post the past week.
Maybe things will get better the coming weeks... but I don't think so.
busy busy busy
busy as a bee


kittykat46 said...

Hi Lulu,
The "buffer overflow" message looks innocent, but it may be a symptom of a security breach in your PC.
I would suggest you get an up-to-date virus scan file + spyware scan and do a full system scan. May take you more than an hour, but its worth the effort.
You may be shocked at the extent your computer has been contaminated !

What A Lulu said...

*gasp* aiyoh and adoi!

Anonymous said...

Lulu, do you use these 3 absolutely needed Internet surfing items:

1. Antivirus
2. Firewall
3. Malware Remover/Detector

Having just no.1 alone is not enough.

And also an essential diagnostic program like Norton Utilities(e.g., Win Doctor to fix various problems)?

Sounds like you also need a Root Kit Remover scan to remove any deepest trojan infection as well so as to play it safe n ow as well.

Buffer overflow thingy makes matters very suspicious.