Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Chang Lih Kang's Handling of Rela Earns Lulu's Respect

and his handphone number earns a space in my handphone memory.

Lulu, as you know, is NO fan of Rela. I was reading with some degree of amusement Chang Lih Kang's handling of some Rela bullies in his blog, and I thought that there may be some of you who may need these tips should you have any encounters with them. He blogs at The Road Not Taken, and the Rela Entry is at A Night With Rela.

Chang Lih Kang is a Campaign Coordinator with Suaram.
He handles cases of police abuse of power and runs campaigns to hold police force accountable to their act. Prior to joining SUARAM, he was already an active leader of a human rights student youth group. He has a degree in civil engineering.

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team BSG said...

the name Malaysia is truly gradually fading , with the
last 3 letters disappearing one by one... s o o n