Sunday, April 08, 2007

Lulu Agrees With Aisehman

Pundak [Parti Undi Rosak Malaysia] is one really funny blog.
It's really really funny.

Funny to the point of hilarious. So funny that Lulu was laughing away whilst reading it. Click here to Dapatkan Kemeja-Virtual UniTee anda di sini - PERCUMA!
But seriously, don't spoil your vote. Use it wisely to make a difference.
If you can't bring yourself to vote for someone for a party, be it the from the ruling party or the opposition, then consider voting for the independant candidate so that at least that poor chap doesn't lose his deposit.
If you're from PJU, please join Lulu and NOT return CMF to parliament. Thanks!


dan said...

Instead of Independent, voting Opposition is perfectly all right too (even though they don't have a lot of impressive candidates).


Because at least it will present the bad current government with some "check and balance".

That is, they can't easily do whatever they like without being checked by a stronger Opposition.

zewt said...

so that the poor chap wont lose his deposit? i have heard of incident whereby an independent candidate came out of nowhere just to take some votes away... if u know what i mean.

Anonymous said...

Voting for Independents is like spoiling your vote. Outside of Sabah and Sarawak, only 1-in-1,000 Independents ever won in the elections.

What A Lulu said...

there are times when one would feel compelled not to vote for either candidate.
eg, if lulu's choices were between BN and PAS, lulu would not vote. I can't bring myself to vote in BN, neither can i cast my vote towards an Islamic state. so, in that case what i would be left with would either be for Pundak, or the independant.
if there's an indie, then indie, else ... Pundak

mott said...

The point here is just to make your vote count. to make your voice heard. To vote for opposition, IMHO, is to tell the ruling party...."WAKE UP AND DO YOUR JOB PROPERLY...."

tks for the pundak link. 9farnee!