Friday, April 13, 2007

Don't Do a Machap On Lulu

Lulu got this sms from a friend today
I think I lost faith with Malaysians more than I have lost faith with an increasingly inept government.
I think his anger and frustration is due to the tiny dent that DAP made in the Machap by-elections. Like him, Lulu was hoping and expecting a bigger dent, but somehow, it didn't happen. Jed, who was on Ground Zero with TeamDAP has an analysis on this in her blog, 2020freelunch.

Lulu votes in P106 PJ Utara and N36 Kg Tunku.

I am most embarassed to say that I live in BN domain. WIth polling centers in these areas
and a racial mix like that

one would expect it to be different.

But it's not. For the past two terms, the population here has taken the "take care of my rice bowl", "he paves the roads", "so what about national issues" mentality and returned BN into power. In the 2004 elections, CMF won by a 18,000 majority! WHY do we still continue to do so???

Like my friend, I am also exasperated.
and amazed.
I also worry in case I join him, losing faith with Malaysians more than I have lost faith with an increasingly inept government.

Our country deserves better than someone who decides the solution to protecting her safety is by shifting into a gated community. What about you and me, those who cannot afford to stay in Aman Suria?
We need leaders who will make us into a bettter nation. One who will provide the check and balance against all the blatant abuses we have put up.

Don't do a Machap on Lulu.

Vote wisely, vote for the future of your children.
Your rice bowl is not just for today. You also need to preserve your children's rice bowl.

Look at what's happening in your neighbourhood today. In your town. In your children's school. Imagine what happens if it continues in this trend.

A simple one - PJ will be filled with more billboards than you could ever imagine. But the township would always not have enough funds for upkeep or enhancement of facilities as all the money goes to the "Sports Club" who had contracted it out at a song to a monopoly who is somehow connected to someOne.
ANother simple one. All playgrounds would have a portion of the land cordoned off for cabin space for politicians who believe more in grabbing public land than paying rent for their own space which is for their own usage.

are you tired? I'm tired.
are you angry? I'm angry.
are you willing to make a change?

The downward spiral MUST stop.


anthraxxxx said...

I think Najis did a Hokkien pop in Machap Umboo.

politikus said...


get the word out to the voters dear lulu. speak to friends, join a party get the word on the ground because the internet is still too impersonal. you can even bake cupcakes with messages for change in them :)

yeah blogs can be influential, but not as influential as a face to face encounter :)

as for me, i think my friends are all either sick of what i'm saying or they have at least something to think about beyond clothes and shoes :)

Anonymous said...

i think at the end of the day, msians have a very 3rd world mentality when it comes to political awareness. when i hear somebody actually said CMF is the best MP because you can call her anytime if you have a burst sewage pipe or longkang (i'm not joking...i hear this personally from the guy who sound and looked so proud of her), i realize now more than ever that msia is doomed to be ruled always by BN...that is until this country becomes one of the classic basket cases we see today. by that time it would have been too late and the rest of the world would have left this nation for dead.

Anonymous said...

What a last count (2004), there were 3.945 million goons and goofs voted for the Binatang Nasional compared to 2.24 million for the Opposition. And there are many more goons and goofs everywhere.

Machap may sound like ketchup sauce and not your brand. But 5,533 goons and goofs just wanted MCA to sleep in the same bed with U Must Not Object under the Binatang brand. What are you going to do? These goons and goofs don't mind insults, corruption and all they care...they just had new roads, street lamps, promises, songs and a wonderful zoo carnival. Life under binatang nasional holds good promises!! Even if it's a dream!

Anonymous said...

The Machapites have shown themselves to be of the same breed as the Batu Talamites. They are the modern-day Sodomites and Gomorrahites of malaysia

Anonymous said...

We have to respect what the voters want. They may be goons or goofs but each vote belongs to the voter. We can't condemn the people just because they did not vote the way we think they should.

The Opposition will have to review Talam and Machap, and underscore the lessons to be learnt. Yes, this is a tiring exercise but it has to be done. Over and over and over again.

To lose faith is to be ungrateful with the little mercies that go one's way. The BN's leadership is seething because of the erosion in majority at Machap. They worry that it's a bad omen. How did the Opposition gain that ground? Work on that.

In any case, I believe you need to respect voters' choice. It does not mean the people are corrupt if they vote MCA. Just as it does not mean they are angels for voting the DAP.

The Underdog Backer

freelunch2020 a.k.a. jed yoong said...

.....yar, move into gated community............ya man...i must work hard to achieve this dream now...

Anonymous said...

The Machapites and Talamites are same MCA Ah Mows and Ah Tows ler, not just the wet market traders ler. Ditto the new villagers typos which have always been mesmerized by the MCA crumbs.

Your truly was totally disillusioned by them ages ago and each time such results is only just a confirmation of their perpetual infamy and perfidy.

The same can be expected of the Penangites in the next GE. More do-little wimpish Gerakan, the slternate fakery. So much for the least shackled of the vaunted MSM, the Chinese printed media. No brains selfishness means just that.


kittykat46 said...

People generally get the government they deserve. Voting for a party means you support its policies. BN stands for corruption, abuse of power, racist policies. The people of Machap
just said -Yes they support it.

I'm quite pessimistic about the whole electoral picture. People will probably keep voting for BN until our economy is somewhere behind that of Vietnam or Indonesia - then it will be too late.

Boss Lepton said...


From where I look, I can't see any reason for voting for DAP(let alone PKR and PAS). They are so race-based(majortiy chinese and indian) and there's no goal for the party. All I see it is just a party that want's to prevent BN from taking 2/3rds of the seats. There's no David Cameron here, if there is a proven leader in the DAP that can do good for the country, unite its people, beyond a doubt I'll put my 110% support.

team BSG said...

You just can't stop those humans from their greed and self importance.Ask Budda, Confucuis and even jesus.

zewt said...

i give up long ago la!

freethinker said...

Freelunch is female ???

Firstly, if ever the chance you want any revamp, the current opposition platform simply don't stand A SINGLE chance.

The opposition simply can't pull the weight to fight in a level field which is why all opposition ( especially Anwar ) should all restructure their parties.

If not, forever, you will never catch up BN's number game

Anonymous said...

What a Lulu,

Read today's posted Raja Petra's article: the latest happenings in the Corridors of Power, captioned "A play of Shakesperean propoertions. One episode, many scenes". Whether true or not, is a separate issue, but the Machap and CMF's constituents are unlikely to read about the "political elites" who are ruling this country. The UMNOputras and their political connections in power. Read it and decide your future vote at the next GE!!