Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sometimes, You Really Can't Blame Lulu

RM50K kononnya, "social contribution fee"
when Lulu read the above clipping, Lulu was disgusted, to say the least.

especially the part that says,
Selangor Housing and Squatters Committee chairman Datuk Mokhtar Dahalan said the decision to impose the fee had been thoroughly studied.
"The money collected will be used to build parks and other public facilities."

Since Dec, the team at the Sun together with the residents at Bandar Bukit Puchong has been battling with the local authorities with regards to the cabin in their playground. No need to say-la, who is using the cabin. Soon after, a consistent pattern of cabins being used by no-need-to-say-la in public parks were emerging.

If you have missed out on reading theSun, I've attached the relevant links. I think your disappointment will turn to anger as you read each subsequent report

30 Jan Council orders cabin to be removed
31 Jan Testing the rule of law
7 Feb Free lesson on free land
8 Feb A different law for politicians
27 Feb Bandar Bukit Puchong Umno defies MPSJ
02 Mar Let the rule of law prevail
15 Mar About-turn slammed Residents ask MPSJ to rethink legalising illegal cabins
16Mar Silently condoning a wrong
19 Mar Restore faith in local government
21 Mar 'No TOL' decision made 15 years ago

Do you stay in Puchong? Are you a registered voter there? You can make a change on your ballot sheet. Make a change! Make a difference!
and I hope that the Sultan reads of this, and will haul up MPSJ and the Menteri Besar up.

Public parks are public parks. Meant for the public. Not just one party, no matter how much they claim to be serving the community.

and back to the topic in hand, you really can't blame Lulu for the cynicism and anger she felt when she read that they want to impose a "Social Contribution Fee" to" build "parks", can you?


Anonymous said...

Next, a 'voluntarily' "Social Contribution Fee" will need to be paid to the gomen when a person eats in a restaurant, or goes to a cinema or takes a walk in the park.

Anonymous said...

Fleecing is still fleecing, no matter if the rich or the poor is the victim.

If developers are fleeced, as if they won't past the cost downstream?

Middle finger to the proponent of this idea.


kroni2u said...

Bandar Utama got blackmailed?

read - RM 1.4M paid under protest


A cheque of RM1.4mil was handed to Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) under protest recently.

Bandar Utama Development Sdn Bhd (BUD) did so in demand from Mutiara Damansara developer Mu-tiara Rini Sdn Bhd for the opening of the direct access from Perisaran Surian to Bandar Utama.

BUD director Datuk Teo Chiang Kok said Mutiara Rini demanded payment for Persiaran Surian that was earlier constructed by Mutiara Rini, providing a link.

“We are paying this amount under protest and without prejudice,” said Teo, speaking to the press to voice his frustration on what he termed as a bullying move by a government-linked company (GLC).