Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lulu's Been Busy

but fortunately, the busy-ness is not at work, else I'd be thinking of drafting a letter like this to boss.
added mar9 - the genius behind the letter is cheesie of cheesieland. She's got more resignation letter samples on her site

just now, Lulu was directed by Kean-Jin Lim of 4896 to a statement by umno-reform at

The Umn0Reformers seem to think that this loose band of bloggers are a tight-knit group of anti-Abdullah conspirators. To quote them,

Kehadiran Bloggers United adalah seperti langkah teratur untuk memulakan serangan strategik bagi mendedah kepincangan pentadbiran Pak Lah melebihi laman- laman Web yang timbul secara serius sewaktu gerakan reformasi anjuran Anwar Ibrahim.
Ini adalah serangan lebih komprehensif dan agak menyeluruh.
Penentangan ini lebih tersusun dan Pak Lah harus risau bukan sahaja kerana kehadiran mereka menentang tetapi ketiadaan penyokong ortodoks yang bangkit mempertahankan. Sistem penentangan terhadap Pak Lah semakin tersusun. dan lebih "advantures" dalam memulakan gerakan.



there's a movement like this?
Is this the official poster?

and lulu's not in it? how can???

gosh... and all those "makan mi rebus" sessions at section 14 - that was the front for the strategic planning meetings for the top honchos?

and the appearance of all those bloggers at Rocky and Jeff's court hearings, Lulu thought it was to show support to the two who were being sued. Now Lulu have to ask, were those the information dissemination points?

Lulu did wonder why the cake buying took so long, causing Marina and Noraina to be terlambat. hmm... now, Lulu thinks she knows. .. Side mission. So many cars leaving Sect14 together, SB can't follow them all.

and if someone had told Lulu earlier, Lulu could have embedded secret messages into the cupcakes like how the Chinese used moon cakes to hide secret messages in their conspiracy to overthrow the Mongolian rulers.

how come no one told Lulu?

all this... happening right under Lulu's nose. So exciting...
Lulu... as usual, last to know.


susanloone said...

dear lulu, i have a translation of most of the article in my blog. take a look. i have included yr link :-)

i wanna resign too lar..........

Anonymous said...

Hi Lulu, you're the composed and measured type and kudos to that. There are other bloggers who are not necessarily so but I can't give them the brickbats either :



team BSG said...

U r getting uncannily Xciting...
...breaths uncontrollably out of control... its not da food..
its de tension..think V need more

mob1900 said...

KMU are turning into 'Brownshirts' oredi, I stop going there liao.

Seems like they are training young-thugs to silence normal bloggers. Seems like the once-touted Reformers are now going Pro-garmen dee, maklumlah bila pilihanraya dah dekat, duit pocket/allowance are withheld by their Paymasters.

Anonymous said...

I have never gone there, and never intend to - for how can they ever cease to do do Projection(a Psychological term)of their own narrow mindedness and negativities?

The more they(declaredly) try to change(reform?) the more they remain the same.


Kean-Jin Lim said...

Thanks, Lulu.

mob1900, it is not KMU in this cae. It is the other one called umno-reform.

tan said...

i love lulu.
dont worry about the SB. They will
help pak lah understand the bloggers.

BT said...

I like the 'letter of resignation',it's really fun...great blog!
boh tong (ex SIA crew executive)

What A Lulu said...


the letter of resignation was something someone sent to me. the source is unknown.
just wanted to clear that up in case you all start thinking "o-wow, this lulu must be some genius to come up with this" :D

zewt said...

did u check out the slogan in that umno reform site?

saluran suara rakyat....

woooah... i dont remember my suara there woh... but then again...

warrior2 said...

Zewt, what is meant is that it is an avenue for the rakyat to say something. Ofcourse your isnt thereas you have yet to post anything.

On another note, it is funny how some of you critise and belittle some other bloggers who are not from the same alliance!lol