Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lulu Wondering What Compelled "Tengku" Adnan To Say So Many Stupid Things

Bloggers are liars. They use all sort of ways to cheat others. From what I know, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women.

What on earth compelled “Tengku” Adnan to say such a stupid thing? A blog entry from an Indonesian representative, Nila Tanzil, on the trip organised by the Malaysia Tourism Board? Couldn't be... she made such a brief remark on it. And her colleague, Maverick Indonesia wrote more critically.

Even the local English and Malay press which gives free publicity to these ruling party politicians refrained from putting this bit of news into the papers knowing that it’s bad press for him. Lulu hopes that there will be no backlash on SinChew for printing this.

With just one swipe, he put himself into the really really bad books of
1. women
2. bloggers
3. the unemployed
AND all the supporter of the three categories and judging by the responses on
Petaling Street and SaraWho, there are a number of them out there.

I don’t know what basis he has for saying bloggers are liars.

Maybe he read a food blog by some unemployed perempuan somewhere which told him where’s the best place for a romantic dinner with wifey and the night out was one big flop, and wifey got angry, and in turn, he has to vent his anger on unemployed women bloggers in general. And it doesn’t sound so nice to tell people that you got conned by a food blog, so talk about national unity-lah.

Could that be what happened?

For those who think that the “Tengku” is committing political suicide ala Sua Chong Keh’s "I am a man so I stand. She is a woman so she squats", forget it. His seat is one of the safest UMNO seat – Putrajaya, where freedom of choice exists and/but it leads to consequences of choice

Btw, if you substituted the word “blogger” with “politician”, especially those who wave keris dipped in red paint, the bold statement would hold water.

In time to come, when people google the phrase

“Malays will kill Chinese, Chinese will kill Malays, Indians will kill everybody else.”

, they will see the name “Tengku Adnan” next to it. This is how internet history will remember him.

Footnote 1. This is not the 1st time the esteemed "Tengku" made it to whatalulu. Look here and read more about his "Tengku"ness here 2. Coincidentally, there's a pic of Sua Chong Keh squatting in the Star Metro today.


Anonymous said...

No Oscar or Grammy award in Bodohland....only the Niamah award. Guess who won that hands down this time?!


kittykat46 said...

So Sin Chew has a complete, exclusive scoop.
I think the rest of the establishment realises by now just how awful the speech sounds, so they are actively pretending no such speech was ever made...

team BSG said...

v r not da least surprised more so vis a vis the recent albeit belated alleged corruption of da anti ( omg) ca assholes ?!
what else to uncover and release of the irrepressible bodowi regime ?

zewt said...

like i said... he really just invented the 'skim cepat famous' in bolehland....

maybe he is enjoying the publicity.

Tunku Halim said...

He not my relation, ok?

warrior2 said...

Of course he has to proof what he said.

Meanwhile, WHAT PROOF do you HAVE to state that what he said was wrong or not correct OR STUPID?

Let us see your proof that what he said was stupid or whatever! You cant say something when you too cant proof it you know. If you do that then you are no different from him.

susan loone said...

hey warrior2;
why does lulu has to prove anything?

we all read what tengku said in the newspapers. unless you are saying newspapers lie. so then its up to tengku to take them to task. btw, tengku has the right to reply. we're all waiting for it. but so far...silence of the lamp (post).

we're also wondering where he got the statistics. he cant make a statement like that. he's the tourism minister. and what he say will affect our tourism in one way or another.

he's there in such a post due to tax payer's money, the least he can do is give us some answers.

it would help if he said, according to this research..done by.....we find that...out of 10k bloggers, 80% women....etc

then maybe, we'll give him the time of day.

warrior2 said...

Susan, whoever has problem with the tengku`s statement, and in this case, LULU has a problem with it because she called it a stupid statement, has to proof that it was indeed a stupid statement. You cant say something is not right when you yourself has no means to verify whether what was said was correct or not because Tengku hasnt come back with his facts and figures.

Just because he hasnt , dosent mean he was wrong. He could have access to certain studies/reserach and he is using that as a basis for his statement. We dont know. BUT ONE CANT SAY that it was a stupid statement when one cannot prove that it wasnt in the first place!.

susan loone said...

hey warrior2, i will say no more after this: look at this page - hundreds of people say Adnan's statement is stupid - including political analyst like james wong - now are you asking him to prove that as well?

it's unfair to go after lulu alone.

make sure you read this:

susan loone said...

i'd like to add: hundreds of bloggers said the statement is stupid and something to that effect.

warrior2 said...

susan, thizs is lulu`s blog, she called the statement stupid, so I asked her.

In the meantime, my comment applies to all!

Annoyed said...

Warrior2, you make no intellect sense. There isn't a need to overplay this whole issue by intellectualising it. There's no intellect involved, just plain insult that Adnan has blurted out to bloggers, women and the unemployed. Adnan has blundered in his speech - not only figuratively, but literally as well and the proof is in the media and what he said was stated, verbatim. You are either daft, or is just plain dying for attention to be indifferent in reading those statements. Adnan made a speech on women's day, shocking the nation with his insensitive speech that insulted women as a whole by linking "bloggers are liars, women and unemployed". You don't even need to read between the lines to what he's saying, he was blunt and insensitive and lacking in common sense in differentiating what is acceptable and unacceptable. For God's sake, he's a minister and a tourism one at that! What kind of proof do you need when the media has already published his insensitive and generalised statements? Have you lost your sense of what's acceptable and unacceptable in speech or thought?