Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lulu Penulis e-Surat Layang?


MarinaM in her latest Musing wrote,

For one thing, many blogs are not anonymous, unlike the writers of surat layang. Therefore bloggers who write under their own names are taking responsibility for what they are saying.
for those of you who may not have noticed, I blog annonymously.
but I am not totally annonymous.

When I first started blogging, I dropped a mail to a lawyer friend to inform him that I've started to blog, and to help me keep an eye on my posts and advise me if I get out of line. This helps me maintain some accountability to what I post. Also, some accountability to my movements in case I suddenly "disappear".

After a few postings, I told my sisters that I blog at whatalulu. twas no big excitement cos none of them had dropped by before.

At my 50th post, a few more friends were told.
And again, at the 100th post, a few more know that I am the person behind Lulu.

There are some bloggers out there whom I have never met, who know me by name, real name that is, and also have my handphone number, just in case they want to or need to contact me.

And the folks at Rocky's last hearing also met the Lulu... and enjoyed her cupcakes :)

I am tracable via my IP even though I've been given numerous tips on how to maintain a i-forgot-what-it-is-called hidden IP.

I don't think that MM was hitting on those who posts annonymously, but the general perception IS that those who do not leave their names are less credible.

I hope that you will also accord to me the same kind of respect as you would those who put their name on their blog. I do take responsibility for what I post. But it's a matter of privacy that I do not leave my name in the public domain.


btw, if you recognise me and are jumping up and down with the "it's her! it's her!", kindly remember, no names, ya?


Vanilla said...

Hi Lulu

Been reading your blog for a while now, finally glad to see the real you.

HL said...


By your line of reasoning (and mine) you remain a 'gentleman blogger'.

I *love* your blog!

HL said...

eh, I just noticed you've changed your profile picture. so macam mana blog 'anonymously'?

Anonymous said...

Bother little about others' opinion about anonymity, Lulu. These are essentially just opinions.

Behind every product of a keyboard is a person ; behind that, a mind, the efficaciousness of truth or lack of it is determinable by another mind.

Some ppl find it necessary to codify behaviour into certain conventional parameters they are comfortable with but these themselves may be actually restrictive per se.

I think it's presumptuous to simply assume that anonymity meant irresponsibility or even mischief. This is a slight from unthinking orthodoxy.

You can bet that paid pro-gomen bloggers have no need of anonymity. Given enough power, even a brick can fly. (This expression, I believe came from the US airmen when referring to that very successful Phantom 2 fighter bomber of the sixties and seventies. Aerodynamically, it was totally disharmonious, needing all sorts of funny bends to compensate.)

I know of some insincere bosses/leaderships who demands honesty but display little of integrity or worthy principles. Takers, demanders but never givers. Expect plenty of such hypocrisies and ironies in a Bodohland made more dumb.


zewt said...

no names.... so lulu it is!

and i dont think MM is behind lulu..

Anonymous said...

Just because conventional printed "surat layang" of the past and present have often tended to be mischievious with some self serving agendas, must we necessarily believe that orthodox assumption that anything anonymously said in Blogosphere today always follow the same pattern?

The Net is interactive, easily accessible and fast unlike printed material and therefore any statement is capable of being atested to or demolished by facts and experience.

Blogs have therefore a "built-in" equaliser not found in the MSM. This all-important distinction can hardly be missed.....furthermore, apparently, Lulu isn't out for fame and fortune. One less reason to dissimulate. Therefore there need be no slightest false guilt or unnecessary sensitives to other's pet opinion.


politikus said...

sokong! :)

for me it's about protecting my family, friends and organisation. if that's not being responsible, i don't know what is :)

p/s: i wanna try your cupcakes one day! i missed out on the one at tony's service centre launch :(

Anonymous said...

Yes, Politikus, that's a very valid and needful angle wrt the word "responsible", given a scenario where the System is insensitive to human right and behave in a cavalier and duplicitous manner wrt it.

Unless responsibility to human rights is the primary concern and focus, the usage of that word tends to be corrupted and used as another euphemism furthering the power of the self-serving Dark Forces under the veneer of ordinary convention.


Anonymous said...

hey nice to see u! cool stuff :D
i think anon or's personal choice..not so much anything else la....

lucia said...

lulu, you should also tell me who you are. i'm curious since you mentioned you knew me when i was in sangkancil. never mind, we are going to meet soon... right?... thus your cover will be blown for me. :)

tan said...

Lulu I dont need to know who you are but I still love your blogs.
And ~wits0~ I love your first comment too

tan said...

Lulu, I dont need to know who you are but I still love your blogs.
And ~wits0~ I love your first comment too.

elviza said...

Ohhhh thats you....hi Lulu...been wondering how this witty writer looks like!

What A Lulu said...

haHaha... now that you all have had a peek of me, it's time to bring back the lulu look.

Anonymous said...

Hi lulu. I just stumbled upon your blog today. :) Honestly speaking i think everyone should be entitled to their own opinion and should be allowed to voice their opinions.

It is stupid trying to hush peopel up with sanctions and threats of ISA. if the discontentment is there, its there. Shutting people up and pretending to be 'a big happy family' is just the stupidest thing any govt can do.