Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lulu Logic on the 1st Anniversary of Promise to Improve Public Transportation

in other words, harga petrol naik 30 sen this day a year ago.

a year minus one night ago, the usually quiet Esso station near Lulu's house was doing roaring business. Lulu thought, finally, the station there is getting some business. Turns out that the government had just announced the 30sen price hike on petrol.

Of couse, any ah-Jee, ah-Joe and Lulu would be furious about it. And the government in response to all the unhappiness from the public, rationalised that the extra earnings of RM4.4 billion would be used to improve our public transport system.

Granted, now there's Rapid KL. But that's a private initiative, and unless they collapse and the government had to bail them out, this is not gonig to require so much money. And Lulu doesn't think that their subsidies and tax break would come to more than a drop to the magic number.

Neither do I think the LRT frequency has increased. Nor has the number of carriages. Nor the parking spaces at the station.

The talk about the LRT expanding to Subang and Damansara Perdana remains as "talk" whilst those in the know are probably buying up cheap houses and land there.

maybe he thought that as Prime Minister, he'd be considered as the #1 public servant

and whatever he travels in is his means of transportation,

public servant... transportation...

therefore leasing another luxury plane for "official use" on top of the six that they already have constitutes to "improving public transportation"?

and that the money was loaned from that "improve public transport" fund to Khazanah who loaned it to Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad (PMB)

and then after that, beyond his control, oil price went down,

so, for whatever barrel we sell, we don't make as much as we did when it was USD80+ per barrel,

and so, don't really have the theoretical RM4.4 billion, but only RM0.5 billion, which was indeed spent on ha!ha! Public Transportation.

and so, no more money (for now) for further improvement on [real] Public Transportation.

Pic from Walk the Walk, Talk the Cock
and btw, teamBSG, or is it just the chief cook, CNY almost over.... ada naik lagi, ke?


zewt said...

indeed indeed... public transportation... that was a good one.

but you know what? we can talk all we want... but things will tend to ... remain...

warrior2 said...

I dont know your state of mind when you wrote this lulu but something wasnt right with you when you wrote it. It is like you were drunk, all those `dont make sense sentences`!

Anyway, just curious to know whether you know that when the announcement was made in march 2006, the expected saving was based on the price of crude oil being constant at that mac level AND THAT, it went ALL UP to Dollars 80 (though it went down later on but still at a price higher than the mac level)thus wiping up the expected savings for that year?

What A Lulu said...

warrior2, lulu not drunk. if you read my meme, Lulu Got Tagged, you'd know that i'm a teetotaler. maybe you think that i'm thinking incorrectly?
and if you read the post, you'd know that i did mention that the savings would not come up to rm4.4bil as the price of petrol has dropped.
maybe coming here is a waste of your time. why not hang out at or you'd probably find it a lot more educational and less frustrating there.

warrior2 said...

You didnt asnwer my question! :)

Anyway if you understood that there was no savings, what is the fuss?

Still think you were drunk, aND was still drunk when you gave your above comment because if you read your article and your comment carefully, there are things which dont make sense and add up!

Anonymous said...

It makes sense to me. As Lulu has strongly hinted, she's not writing to please some people (and stupefy lots more).


warrior2 said...

WOW anonymous of 12.12 you sure dont have lots of `WITS` with you!

Its not about pleasing people!

Boss Lepton said...

affirmative, that is indeed what he planned to do.

hahahaha, i always think that our PM is very smart ah, can outsmart the rakyat :D

come on give him credit for that wey