Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lulu Hates This Dengki Culture #2

Lulu was quite flabbergasted to read this in the NST today.
Umno Youth slams Fong over neglect of Bumi grads
01 Mar 2007
SHAH ALAM: Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Dr Fong Chan Onn was lambasted yesterday for neglecting unemployed Bumiputera graduates.
and it goes further on to their targeting one company

...he [Umno Youth Public Complaints Bureau chairman Datuk Subahan Kamal] told reporters after highlighting allegations of discrimination against Bumiputera employees by Giant Hypermarket in Shah Alam.
He said the ministry should enforce a 30 per cent quota for Bumiputeras at all levels in the private sector and ensure that locals were given preference over foreigners.
They had also claimed that there were few opportunities for career advancement in the company. The letter, sent to the Prime Minister’s Department, also alleged there were no Bumiputeras in top management positions in the company. Giant Retail (M) Sdn Bhd chief operating officer Datuk John Coyle, who had earlier met Subahan over the matter, told reporters that 80 per cent of staff in the company were Bumiputeras. He said there were 123 Bumiputeras in lower and middle management with three in top management positions.
To Lulu's recollection, this is the first time they are actually targetting a company. Usually, these are general statements. It disturbs Lulu. Today they're visiting Giant, tomorrow it could be your company...

Rationally thinking, if you were a good employee, there is no reason why your boss would not want to promote you. And don't think that the Chinese only hire Chinese, or that the Chinese only promote their own kind. [this is a very big generalisation but..] what doe$ the Chine$e care about? What are the Chine$e known for? If you can do your work well, if you can bring in the re$ult$, then you will be rewarded well. Don't get hoods over to see your CEO and fight your selfish hidden agenda for you.
dengki ... envious. jealous. mean. venomous. vicious.
added Mar2nd - Aisehman thinks that maybe Subahan can offer some of them a job at KFC.


kittykat46 said...

Hi Lulu,
My employer ran a special scheme last year (and this year as well) to take in these Unemployed Graduates for 3 to 6 months of training. The better ones get an opportunity to be taken on as permanent staff.
My department was very short of staff at the time, with new projects and strong export demand.
(YES, I work in a sector of the economy which IS doing well.) The boss asked me to take in some of them to help overcome the staff shortage, and also keep the relevant Government department off our backs.

Frankly, I'm not surprised most of them were unemployed. In spite of being degree holders, they were lacking in most important work-place skills. Being a multi-national company, almost all communications in the office are in English - these guys could barely speak let alone write in the language. Computer skills were marginal, and they were very slow to pick up the training. Lack of initiative, lack of analytical and problem solving skills. After 6 months, I only found 1 good enough to offer a permanent position. The rest, well, I tried my best to give them the training which can improve their work skills. But they really aren't good enough to be on my team.

warrior2 said...

lulu, we are not living in an ideal world. On top of that, the world we are living in is never fair to everybody.

So, if you think it is fair and lovely out there, think again!

Anonymous said...

This suggests that Dengki is only a political culture but a (human?)right, regardless.

How low can you go? As in Limbo Rock.

We live in a real world but we see some ppl justifying its wanton corruption on a parochial basis.


Anonymous said...

Not means to insult them Lulu. In the first instance, many of them are qualified for the loo2 and not admission to uni. They are are "forced" entry based on matriculation results whereas those STPM are crying for places. Pity those SMP holders. They received no help at all and that is why you find them become ah long, ah ther, okt nd selling dvd in petaling street

Anonymous said...

Kittykat, also consider that their marginal SMP holders are simply pushed into teachers's training, what sort of consequences can there only be wrt the educational system with 4th rate materials.

A decade ago the same situation already occurred and now is recurring but nothing is learnt and will not be.

Lulu, you'll remember that in SK Forum there were a couple of graduates who then apparently questioned MGG Pillai's intellectual qualification to debate. To which MGG said, "By right a bumble bee cannot fly but it does." But today the jokes's on 'em - e.g.,it takes a graduate in Computer Science just to create a website?!

Only in Bodohland is the idea that you can erode quality just so as to upgrade self without dire consequences afterwards . Dengki Culture says that to hobble others is virtuous and righteous. The World owes 'em!


Anonymous said...

Correction : Two decades ago, 86/87.


freelunch2020 said...

dengki culture is prevalent la. this is what happens when they don't want to work to achieve their goals..

agree that chinese are generally motivated by $$$$ n are practical in employment. most including me look at performance as a basis for promotion or employment...if a malay guy is cheaper n faster, then by all means. u know what i mean?

zewt said...

chinese employer... will squeeze u till the last drop... :(

anyway... it's really scary how they are going to companies and trying to squeeze job out of companies... freaking unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact, so are (some utterly selfish) Indian professionals working for the gahmen, so as to gain their own promotions. They really can go to extremes. Was told, never to have an Indian or Chinese boss if working for the gahmen.


freelunch2020 said...

don't get me wrong. depends on the company culture also regarding squeezing..some chinese are ok if overseas-educated but some may not's just the way it is...malays are generally more enjoyable to work with and great bosses :D indians, so far may experience with indian bosses and colleagues have been negative. i don't want to generalise but my past experience in a particular company has kinda put me off them....:(

Anonymous said...

Wow, Freelunch, you're quite a forthright lady! I can concur with thee for my experience says that your take is only too true.

The fact is something that doesn't require a disclaimer for some ppl's ego will be hurt(anyway) and denial may often spew forth thence. A rule and an exception are two different animals of course, but a rule is still a rule.


fatboybakes said...

very depressing hor, this kinda thing. sigh.