Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lulu Gives Suggestion to Johari on How To Answer Allegations ala Pak Lah

On the main page of the star yesterday, Pak Lah tells ACA's Johari to "just answer allegations".

But we all know, Pak Lah has bodohwe-ed us so many times. His track record has gone beyong no good to very bad.
Cakap TAK SERUPA BIKIN was proven once again in pg4 of the same publication.

Yup, what a cop out. "Too late to pop the question".
FIL, why don't you do what you ask of others? "Just answer the allegation" kononnya.
Why can't you be more direct and honest?

Johari, take a cue from your boss, ya


Howsy said...

I wonder if he wriggled his tongue out when he did the ear-clasping gesture.

"Neh..neh....neh...neh..dun want to hear". :P

freethinker said...

Please ppl....haven' you foget the Master's ultimate explanation ???

“You want to know, I never reveal what I want to do. Cannot, cannot tell you.”

Anonymous said...

thanks LULU for lovely cupcakes. they were delicious~~~our ministers, esp the PRIME MINISTER, are so puerile n juvenile in their dealings with the media.

clasping their ears???


kittykat46 said...

I think the latest news is the ACA has not interviewed Johari or even contacted him yet. But they have put in their full resources to trace the anonymous blogger who made the allegations.
I guess as soon as they can find out who and where he is, they will go after him full blast.
That's Dollah's real response - go after the whistleblower, charge him with whatever offenses they can pin on him, while the corrupt culprit walks away laughing and free

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a proven aphorism in Bodohland that says rumours have more substance than MSM drivels? No.1 has proven that fact yet again....done with that typical cavalier executive privilege.

Don't listen to rumours, huh?!

But I guess some people have truly no shame for or sensitivity to the irony they constantly generate.


Anonymous said...

What the crafty pm really says: "Hell Joe, just say you are innocent and the dumb rakyat will believe you. They believed us in Batu Talam, can't you remember? Forget about the bloggers--they are nothing, 80% of them are unemployed women, worse than our unemployable graduates. And don't worry, I'll make you a full minister during the next cabinet reshuffle."

Anonymous said...

The ersatz Mr. Clean better watch it because the "unemployed" wimin are about to be empowered by Wimax too!

All ministerial spins and browbeating pooh poohing via hyena guffawing without the Goebbel monopoly of information via MSM complicity will only end up up with the foot in their mouth.

See how the RR rectal spew fare?


Anonymous said...

A lesser fish tha Johaai might have gotten that typical "show cause" love letter by now.