Monday, March 12, 2007

Lulu Dedication To Ms Sassy MP

for Teresa and all the ladies at Seputeh consituency, this one's for you!


Lame Basket said...

Wow..... Sua Chong Keh decides to give up "standing" to embrace the "squatting" ways of doing things, eh?
Wakakakakakaka~~~~~~~~ :-D

Anonymous said...

Good one Ms. Lulu!

e wong

Lone said...

Am i missing something. Ms Teresa is one great MP

What A Lulu said...

Sua Chong Keh, the third squatter from the right is most famous for his remark, "I am a man so I stand. She is a woman so she squats".
The "she" refers to Teresa Kok,
and statement sealed his loss in the '99 elections for the Seputeh seat.
and lone, i've been a follower of your blog since before i started blogging. Thanks for dropping by!

What A Lulu said...

sorry, he's third from the left. the first guy on the right. the one closest to the camera.
lulu's a leftie and is very greatly confused with left and right.