Monday, March 26, 2007

Joceline Tan Calls Them The Dream Team. Lulu Agrees?

No parting the dream team
The Prime Minister, Khairy added, has shown the spirit of leadership in delegating key tasks to his deputy whereas Najib has proven, in words and action, the good deputy that he is.
“They are the dream team, the most important partnership in the country today. They reassure the younger generation like me of the country's political stability for the next few decades,” he said.
Yup, The PM dreams


Howsy said...

The Prime Minister Khairy or The Prime Minister, Khairy?

Just like Eat Shoot and Leaves, the comma is very important. ;)

But I think if he dreams like that for that long, he will go into a coma. :)

Anonymous said...

if he's gone into a coma, another even worse replacement will take his place. Only that his game time is over.


Anonymous said...

"The Dreaming Team" is much more appropriate than "The Dream Team". But they may turn out to be "The Nightmare Team". Remember the 'friendly' embraces between Mahabir and Musa Hitam and then Mahabir and Anwar before those 2 deputies were unceremoniosly sent packing

Anonymous said...

definitely the nightmare team man..he sux!

kittykat46 said...

The Dreamy Team...I have a thousand dreams, day and night

team BSG said...

Dream on !
our finest comatose Dream Team !

Nasi lemak Kandar Kayu here we come...!,beryani oso kan !
tambah lemak banyak ala najibodowi!

Anonymous said...

They need all that political stability and easy governance to just dream, mah.

U all having nighmares, ah? That's all your own fault only, what?


Boss Lepton said...

I hope he has a good dream, then he won't torture us anymore.

freethinker said...

I wonder which smart fella took that "innocent" pix... sure won't find in mainstream media.

galadriel said...

Aiya Lulu....inspiring laa,

I really think these two phegmatic, slow loris characters make up the Dream Team.

The slow loris though is way cuter.
Talking of Dearm Team inspires me to....wait...zzzz...wait...wot did I want to say *yawn* ..zzzzzzzzz
zzzzzzzzzzzz ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*nightmare*zzzzzzzzzzzz*malaysia goes to the dogs*zzzzzzzzz

zewt said...

dream team... hah!

Anonymous said...

Joceline Tan's soul here remains untainted if she actually meant it as a tongue-in-check thing.

We know how onerous being a journalist is under the circumstances. A handicapped career to choose.


Anonymous said...

The slow loris is a lot cuter ; it does no one any harm. It certainly does not pretend to be everyone's indispensable saviour of sorts.

I will apologise to the real and noble K9 next time I pet and speak to one, Galadriel and explain that our reference to its genre actually refers to the ignoble and ersatz 2 legged ones.


Anonymous said...

The 2004 GE slogan should be "Dream with Me". The barisan manifesto is still a dream, national unity a dream, fighting corruption a dream turning into a nightmare! Vision 2020 a dream and the voters are also dreaming for electing a dreaming government. Only the country is going into a nightmare!!