Friday, March 09, 2007

International Women's Day - Lulu's Late

Apologies. Not meaning to give excuses, but Lulu's posting is late cos
1. Lulu was on leave yesterday, and did try to blog it from the home pc. but home pc has been a bit tempermental, kept hanging, so after a few times, Lulu decided to give up.
2. After that, Lulu was out celebrating International Women's Day in her own special way - shopping :D and didn't get home till late.

Lulu is the fourth child in a family of five girls. Yup! Five girls, no boys.

Shortly after Lulu was born, my paternal grandfather wrote a letter to my dad. Not to congratulate him on this precious jewel, but to tell him to divorce my mum because she is unable to give him any sons. After four daughters and still no sons, it was just too much for my grandfather to take. My grandfather, needless to say, belongs to the older generation who think that all sons must have sons to carry the family name. Daughters on the other hand, when they get married, they leave the household, and join their husband's. And in those days, since it's always the woman's “fault” that she is unable to produce any sons, my mum would have to be dealt with. It was suggested that my mother is to leave, with the four girls, so that my father can start life anew, and find a new woman who would bear him sons.

The family has gone a long way since the infamous letter. My parents did try to "pok" again for a son, but ha! ha! number five also turned out to be a girl. My baby sister.

My mum who had to bear the brunt of not producing a male heir was vindicated when my oldest sister entered Cambridge. My grandfather got to glamour and tell his friends that his grandaughter was studying in 剑桥. The rest of us didn't turn out too bad either. Lulu went to the #2 university in Malaysia, entering the same department as her brilliant Uncle #8.

"What's the point of having daughters?"
At least this misconception has been resolved in the Lulu family. What about the rest of the world? Aborting female foetus, drowning baby girls, abandoning your daughters, loving them less, giving them less opportunities and freedom. There is progress, but we daughters still have a long way to go.
This post is aslo dedicated to all women out there who are facing the same kind of pressure that my mum was facing. Daughters are a good thing. More 孝顺 [canto: hao hsun, filial] Even after they get married, they'll still come home and manja you. They give better back massages than your sons. They always have you at heart, and they're really good in taking care of you. Love them, and ignore the buzzing pressure in your ear.

To all you women out there, hope you had a good day too!


tan said...

"even after they got married they still come home and manja you. they give back massages better than your sons"
i totally agree with you.
i have 3 sons and no daughter.
they have to think of buying their own cars and their own houses. then they have to save for their marriage.then they have to save for..

Anonymous said...

What a spot on, Lulu! (In regards to 'daughters are better than sons'). My paternal side grandparents were a bit of a pain too, saying that my mother cannot bear sons as first 2 kids in my family were girls (am the 2nd child). Lucky for my mama, both dad and her 'pok' to have a son, and voila! a son was born. That was not the end, as now paternal side folks have nothing to say, they had to find some other insult to put us down - we were told to be really stupid as we have low foreheads... but after SRP, SPM and STPM... all of us beat the rest of the cousins. Now, how did 'the stupid us' with low foreheaders beat the high foreheaders? Anyway, to cut the long story short, my sis ended up being the first and only medical doctor in the *surname* family. My siblings and I are the most educated of all the rest of the *surname* gang (but bro is the lowest income earner, hehe). In short, us girlies were cleverer, and we are definitely more 'hou soon' compared to bro, who is now married off and lost his B*lls and hardly contact parents. So, low-forehead girlies now have another prob with paternal family as we're not married - the word is that we're too educated and no man wants us! Must find something to complain eh? Neverending story... one thing leads to another. Nevertheless, us low-foreheaded girlies rule! :D

warrior2 said...

LULU, you missed the point of your grand`s wrath/dissapointment. It is not about what you and your sis achieved. Sure he can gloat about that.