Friday, March 09, 2007

If You Were To Pass By Lulu's Office Just Now,

you'd be wondering why Lulu's laughing away, alone in the room.
Here's a peek at what was on my screen. Someone mailed these to me, and i just have to share them.
Have a good laugh!


Anonymous said...

A long long time ago b4 Al'Gore invented the Internet and his Goracle, your truly @ std 5 invented the 'left angle'.

Was shown : a 'L' = a right angle. Teacher concurred.
Then shown a flipped 'L'. "A left angle", saith I. Uproar happened.


Boss Lepton said...


I would find it rather interesting if this is really true. I dare to say that no form 5 students can do the expansion problem. Well most anyway I would say. I don't recall them teaching n-polynomial expressions in form 5. hehehehe

and the spring problem must've been A -levels as well. Must be some college students, that's my best bet hehehe. A-levels I think.

Anonymous said...

Starting 2007, all Science and Mathematics subjects are taught from Year 1 to Upper 6. From the nonsensical answers shown, it is obvious that many weak students, for reasons of prestige, take up Science sujects and as a result could not make head or tail from what is taught.

Much effort and patience is needed for one to master Science and Mathematics in the upper forms. For those who do not like to mug, it is better to go to the Arts stream after PMR.

Anonymous said...

There was in SK forum not so long ago when at least a couple of time some fat head undergrads(obviously) even suggested that a non-grad cannot lay claim to be an intellectual. Whereupon old MGG said that a bumblebee is not supposed to be able to fly but it does. Remember?

The whole educational system has gone to dogs(aplogy to true canines!) for decades.....what to you expect when when the worse of the schools leavers have teaching jobs waiting for them.

A school leaver of older generation(s) are of better qualty than many mediocre undergrads today when it comes to intellectual ability. This shows out in SK forums as elsewhere. Today we are swamped by utter mediocrity. The teachers of those times were real teachers worhy of their beans, not like the HP6 ones today. In testament to this fact, tuition became a must for all.

Crummy decadence in overall quality to be celebrated in the 50 years bash soon?


moo_t said...

I though you just resign and stay at home?

Read here then you know what I mean.
Bloggers are Liars, 80% are Unemployed Women

What A Lulu said...

no-la. that would be the letter i'd draft IF i were too busy at work :)
currently still gainfully employed.
guess i don't fall under the category of unemplyed female blogger.

zewt said...

no matter how many times i look at the 'find x' pic... i sure laugh... sure laugh.

Anonymous said...

Wits said:"Was shown : a 'L' = a right angle. Teacher concurred.
Then shown a flipped 'L'. "A left angle", saith I. Uproar happened."


and: "A school leaver of older generation(s) are of better qualty than many mediocre undergrads today when it comes to intellectual ability."

hahhahahahhahahhah true's really BAD man...lowering the standards just to 'pass'..this destructive self-delusion has cost us a generation of uncompetitive graduates

-Princess Shin- said...

Oh.. I like the expand and the find x the best! Haha.. You studied STPM too? Liked your blog! =)

Boss Lepton said...

damn nice blog here hehehe.

Anyway just wondering...... what do politicians do everyday ar? Maybe somebody should write an article about that.

Anonymous said...

Boss : "what do politicians do everyday ar?"

Think up more ways to make life easier for themselves.


carboncopy said...

Funny indeed. :)

There's this very funny video clip from NTU Singapore, enjoy :

Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong said...

Dear Lulu,
I almost fell of he chair laughing at the elephant and the expansion .Not to mention the resignation letter.
Thanks Sis

warrior2 said...

Hey people, it was supposed to be a joke la, a dumb joke, kind of senario joke! Chill

Allied said... first visit!
OSA man!

How did you get hold of Adnans test paper? Tell ME! tell me lah!


Anonymous said...

he he he ….atleast he understands English, I would give him the mark for “find the x” question, coz that’s what the question asked him to find, the question did not ask him to find the VALUE of x, right……

Kean-Jin Lim said...

I showed your post to my colleagues. We have a good laugh here.

eve said...

haha..i've read this some where liao..anyway , thanks so much..

lara diara ; said...

aiyark . ive just learned bout the pytahogras . heeeeeeee . pmr is just around the corner , the exam fever had just caught on . (: