Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lulu's Election Date Prediction?

The past few weeks, we have been bombarded with "good" "news" [both have their own inverted commas because it's not exactly good, nor is it news], especially on the NST and the Malay papers.

This was soon followed by statements like
Don’t link economic growth and other related “good news” as an early sign of elections - Home Minister Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad
Ini tidak bererti pilihan raya sudah hampir tetapi kerja Wanita UMNO perlu bermula sekurang-kurangnya setahun sebelum itu. Kita hanya ada masa lebih sikit. Ketua Pergerakan Wanita UMNO, Rafidah Aziz
The government's efforts to spur strong economic growth are not an indication that the general elections will be held soon - Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Lulu [and people like her] tend to pooh and paah at these statements, continuing to hold fast to our belief that this "feel good" brainwashing preceeds the GE announcement.

but when the non-government but yet governing Khairy says it, "The government is unlikely to call for a general election anytime soon", hmmm.... let's put it this way, if Lulu were a betting person, Lulu would not bet that it is coming anytime soon.
kinda worrying isn't it, not to say that Lulu trust KJ an ounce, but that Lulu thinks KJ has more power and say to what happens compared to the word of the ministers and even the PM.


mob1900 said...

it really proves Bolehland is run by an Oxfart grad to the ground.

Tak Peduli said...

Vote early and vote often.

zewt said...

beautifully put... it's worrying the big decisions may be all in the hands of one person.

there's a school of thoughts that say a snap GE is possible, cos if they wait too long, anwar's ban would be over and that wouldnt be good news... for them.