Friday, February 23, 2007

Lulu Writes Fiction – The CEO Part2

Things were looking up for the CEO. The total trade for his corporation may not be RM1trillion, but it was an all time high at RM3 billion, according to his advisors. What the advisors didn’t tell him was that total trade = what you sell + what you buy, not the nett of the two. But never mind, it sounds good.

The share price was going up and up. The employees were concerned that it was fuelled on cheap Japanese yen, not because of the fundamentals. If it crashes, what would become of their ESOS, they wondered. As usual, the CEO didn’t quite understand why, but never mind, it sounds good.

The CEO had been running the company for 3 ½ years now. On his third anniversary, he set up a CPI group to improve the functions of certain departments, and unlike himself after three years said that it’s too soon to judge his performance and he needs more time, he gave them 6 months to clean up their act. Of course the employees noticed the double standards and had a good laugh at it at the warongs near the office.

Anyway, the CEO was in a good mood today. Nothing could spoil his mood, not even the stupid thing his son-in-law did in announcing that the election of the new office bearers would not be so soon. He has repeatedly said it, but it looks like the employees didn’t buy into it until the son-in-law said it. Kind of strange, especially since the son-in-law wasn’t even part of management, just an assistant manager at one of the subsidiaries.

But never mind. Good mood, good mood. After all, darling girl aka precious baby aka Noreen was taking him out for lunch today. Ah… sweet Noreen, looking more and more like her late mother by the day. Noreen who stepped up and took over her mother’s role in the social events of the corporation. Noreen who moved in when Edith was sick, and stayed on even after her passing, just to keep papa company. Noreen, who could do no wrong…. Except the big one where she married the ambitious Harry.

Noreen did sound a bit distressed on the phone. Wonder what’s wrong?

They met at his favourite restaurant in a private room.

Noreen’s eyes looked puffed up. It broke the CEO’s heart to see his little girl looking like this.

“What’s wrong?”
“It’s Harry, papa. It’s true. All the talk about him and Korean woman. Him and pan-Asian actress. It’s true. Boo-hoo-hoo”

And she layed on the table photo evidence.
And cried and cried and cried.

CEO’s heart was broken looking at his little girl all broken hearted. How could Harry do this to her? He had tolerated so much of Harry’s nonsense, but this, this despicable act, and being caught was too much.

No more.

“Don’t worry sayang. Abah will handle it for you.”

And the CEO left, in rage, asked the driver to take him straight to Harry’s office.

Noreen had never seen the CEO in this kind of rage. She got into her car and asked the driver to follow the CEO’s car.

The CEO reached into his briefcase, and took something out. Put it into his pocket. And headed straight to Harry’s office. Harry was in a meeting with the CEO’s advisors. CEO’s anger burned deeper upon seeing HIS advisors in discussion with HIS son-in-law.

“Enough is enough. You have cause Noreen enough pain. I’ve tolerated your ambitions. I’ve tolerated your arrogance. But you CANNOT break my baby’s heart.”

And with that last sentence, the CEO whipped out the gun from his pocket, and shot Harry continuously.

As Harry’s body crumpled to the ground, the CEO heard a loud scream of anguish. Noreen was behind him, and she had seen it all.

Bangun sayang. Bangun.
You were having a nightmare. It’s okay. Mimpi-aje. Come sayang… let Harry peluk you.

Noreen looked blurly into Harry. The she gazed around her. She was in bead, at home. It was just a dream. Papa didn’t shoot Harry. None of it is real.

Or is it?

Does it get better? Does it get worse? Lulu's not telling yet. But stay tuned to

Lulu Fiction - The CEO Series

the CEO series is a fiction work from whatalulu. In today's chapter, not only is it fiction, it is a dream in a fictional setting. It could not bear any semblence to real life as no CEO would be so daft.


Anonymous said...

What about Noreen's new mak mertua?

And will Harry the Hairy One order his Korean woman to be blown up with c4 explosives?

The CEO was terkeliru with the total trade for his corporation because he tergagal his stats paper in UM and terpaksa take Pengajian Islam.

warrior2 said...

From the first two paragraphs, I can see that you dont know much about economics!

And from the last few paragraphs, I can see that this is going to be another of those dumb scripts always associated with dumb boring omg scripts used to produce dumb boring slapstick omg malay movies/drama

Anyway, please proceed.

Anonymous said...

hi lulu.

;D wow, what a daft CEO.

anyway, warrior:

"From the first two paragraphs, I can see that you dont know much about economics!"

it is YOU who don't know anything about economics.

"produce dumb boring slapstick omg malay movies/drama "

pls don't make racial remarks. we live in tolerant, multi-cultural country.

time to cash in on YOUR ESOS. FL would too but not senior enough for ESOS>>>> ESOS ROCKS~ FREE CASH~~~

warrior2 said...

what racial comment? hahaha what a joke

Anonymous said...

";D wow, what a daft CEO.

Yes. The modus operandi being usually to use some hit man....with an intermediary(a willing and paid)contingency scapegoat thrown in as double insurance.

But it was only a dream from a fictional construct.


team BSG said...

wah very deep suspenseful thriller ! can't wait for the ending....

kittykat46 said...

Hi Warrior2,
Lulu's description of Total trade is accurate, I don't see what's wrong with it.
As for the source of funds for the "Bull Run" in the umm...fictional country, its not a secret. Lots of foreign investment analysts are writing about it, our MSM just choses to bury its head in the sand.
As for the final outcome, it may or may not end in a crash. But the last time we had a major reverse outflow of foreign "hot money", it went down history as "The Asian Economic Meltdown" of 1997.

Anyway, it IS a fictional corporation, so no need to get so worked up about it.

zewt said...

I am hooked....!!!!

Bring on Part 3.... :)

warrior2 said...

kitty, it is not the description but the insignificant of it!

Get the point?