Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lulu Used To Kesiankan PakLah

In present day UMNO, there are many reasons why people join the party. Some because it is the Malay thing to do, others for the nation. Some because their grandparents were members and they perjuangkan our country's independence. And for some [another non secret], they knew that if you wanted contracts, UMNO would be the best stepping stone.

When Pak Lah first took over as PM, it was no secret that the funds for the 8th Malaysia Plan had already run dry. for Pak Lah,
no Money = no Contract = no "Respect" = no Power
so kesianlah, the old man.

Pak Lah with empty coffers, had nothing to offer in exchange for the party's loyalty. Hence, we ended up with the same old oafs when the "new" cabinet was announced. Worse still, he supersized it in his attempt to appease those within his fold and give them additional income and glamour titles.

but boy has Lulu been bodohwe-ed!

Datuk Kadir Jasin rightly pointed out that Peruntukan RMK9 Sumber Kuasa PM. For those, both in and out UMNO who are hoping that he will retire and do the leisurely things he enjoys so much, Lulu thinks you can forget it. Looking at the way Bapa Mertua is spending, he is definitly building his power base and is here to stay.

And since today is Wed, Feb14th, Lulu wishes you


Anonymous said...


happeee wednesday to u too :D hahahhahahahhahhahhahahhahahahha

now bz with CNY so not so much time for cartoon politicians~~mebbe after the festivities ~

Bernard said...

HAppy Valentine's Day!

warrior2 said...

I read KJ`s article. If one is only being simplistic and dosent go into details into the various allocations and plans, one will certaintly views the article as being excellent.

Did lulu examined the details?

Anonymous said...

Kesiankan Pak lah, Lulu?

Hmm...reminds of Hemingway's famous novel : "For Whom the Bells Toll." Yes, it tolls for thee(reads as 'us').


zewt said...

lulu being bodoh-weed...hahaha.. that's a cool one.

by the way, this is a cool blog.... keep it up.