Monday, February 05, 2007

A Lulu Thought

Lulu doesn't know if the firemen really needs another 439 boats or not
Lulu thinks that if BM were an ex-firemen, all they'd have to do is have a majlis makan malam, invite BM, the ex-fireman and wait for his announcement of a more that generous allocation.

a lulu thought from Lulu on a VERY slow Monday


moo_t said...

345 fire-engine for 450 Mils. How about allocation for fireman training and salaries?

Roll eyes. Gosh. These people has equipment fetish over human resources training.

ksq said...

looking at NST headline today, i guess they will never learn. lets pray that the firemen can put out fire just as fast as they burn money... RM750M no less.

warrior2 said...

aiyo, kenot differentiate pembangunan and pengurusan maaa,,,susah lo