Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lulu Spots a 3in1 Plot

A Three-In-One Story


ada elemen keKJ-an, a non-elected brother of MCA chief, Perak MCA chief Ong Ka Chuan speaking so "big"

macam tapi terbalik version of Khir Toyo and Datuk Zakaria, it as "technically right but morally wrong", but in this case, "technical error and there was no moral infringement"

OngKaChuan, these kind of defending irresponsible people who should be examples of upholding the law, will not win you votes. Not like you have many going your way in the first place.
btw, Lulu thought the Star very buddy-buddy with their "boss"es. Isn't news like this not very flattering to the big boss?

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Anonymous said...

Okay, now if Lulu drives her SLK all the way to Ipoh city from PJ and stops for a drink without the coupon parking ticket on the dashboard and got booked(how on earth would someone from outstation knows where to get 'em coupons?!), doe she get exempted from paying the fine?

Unless any System has a human face for the nobodies, it has no moral right to claim exemption for big time law breakers who should especially know better.