Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lulu Not Sure What To Make Out Of The Current Ecconomy

Lulu, as she had mentioned many times, is NOT an ecconomist. The closest thing to being an ecconomist is having a dad and a sis who read Eccons in uni. Not that it counts, but I have also read Freakonomics and The Undercover Ecconomist. So, trying to understand this ecconomic "boom" that the country is experiencing is quite a challenge to me.

On one hand, you read of terrace houses in (even faraway places like) Bukit Jelutong being sold without problems at RM700K and RM2-3 million for a semi-d in Kiara. Lifestyle gyms with minimum RM120 monthly fees are sprouting everywhere. EVery young kiddo in church seems to be driving either a Vios or a Honda.
And yet, my colleagues, bloggers and family-on-the-street (the family version of man on the street, not families living on the street) are talking about how expensive milk powder is, electricity and toll (esp toll) charges going up and the cost cutting measures they have to take.

Lulu is not sure what to think or believe anymore.

SO, Lulu is very thankful for Khoo Kay Peng, and those like him, who are learned and trained, analysing the situation, verifying what they have learnt and understood, and blogging about it for the comprehension of Lulu and others like her. Khoo Kay Peng (shorten to KKP cos his name is going to be repeated a few times on this entry and Khoo Kay Peng is just too long to type, and not on 1st name basis, so cant do a Kay Peng, Kay or Peng) is the Executive Director of SEDAR Institute, a local think tank associated with Gerakan.

In his entry, Economic Sentiment , KKP checked how the foreign and domestic investments had increased to give a combined figure of more than RM42 billion, gave an insight on who else is buying our property, and what to make out of the drop in the vehicle sales.
Lulu likes his ending, "If yes, the government should encourage employers to increase the salary of their workers as a gesture of their appreciation." I want! I want!
for this particular entry's comments, there is quite an interesting intellectual sparring between KKP and Elanor, one of his readers. Lulu with hampir-0 intellect, reads with great awe. I did want to leave a comment, but thought that it would sound so lulu in between their sparring.

Do drop by his blog, and i hope that you'd enjoy it as much as i do. And if you're a lulu too, you'd probably learn from his entries too.


team BSG said...

Seriously who in Malaysia still believes the accuracy or relevance of official ecconomic reports from the goment ?

Everything is distorted,half truths, untruths and the like. and then can change like the weather.

If everytime v say lets wait for nex election, we are doomed !

u know exactly what v mean ?

freelunch2020 said...


wow. that's really heavy intellectual stuff.

i had to take a breather at the start of elanor's comments but i agree with his analysis, esp the part where it takes about 6 months before we know the real effects of the government fund injections~~

the FDI figures also make sense now -- mostly petronas + property. my friend who is an investment bank analyst said the same.

so, looks like status quo to me.

btw, will u be going to a FTA public forum tomorrow at the Chinese Assembly Hall? More info @ bangkit.net

Anonymous said...

Right, team bsg, there is a point in time when the layman should and would discover the futility of trying to understand the figures, claims and spewed-out statements from officialdom (and even academics)wrt to the economy.

For one, the whole matter may be regarded as something from such as Benjamin Disraeli and Mark twain have said:

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

Even accurate results can be twisted to support any lies. The privilege of specialist, jargons and officialdom to dissimulate being inevitable and acceptable among highly educated elites.

The more such super education is pursued, the less there seems awareness or commitment to simple understandable facts. Perhaps, often, the more one is formally educated, the more there actually is to be unlearnt to be liberated from the dishwaterSystem.

Young kiddos with Vios and Hondas at church? Not a recent phenomena and decades ago contributed to my early departure from the flock(not that I ever really joined the flock ;)) But the kiddos from disadvantageous background we'll never see - and most ppl wouldn't want to hear about in an ever more snooty and faceless society.

Facts are not negative but reality - the point of common despair has been long passed yet only the perpetual(and often advantaged) optimists would label reality as 'negaive'. It just takes a little honesty/awareness which is worth more than a tonne of pc denial/obfuscation.

Education has become a means to earning a better paying job ; it's nothing much more than that today. Not surely as a measure of maturity, wisdom or integrity in a surreal and increasingly dishonest society. It's mainly only about material worth.

Thanks to the great "leadership" of Bolehland all this while dominating the Psyche of the hapless nation!


zewt said...

freelunch, u sure it's heavy for u? i think you can take heavy stuff...

lulu... CEO part 3?