Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lulu Introduces You to the Majlis Link

Have you heard of the Majlis Link?
If you go on Federal Highway from Subang heading towards KL, you will see a big flyover just before Nanyang Siang Pau. That's Majlis Link.
It cuts from Federal Highway-Nanyang, and you come out at the LDP/Western Digital Underpass. Construction started in 2005(?) and the road was open in Oct last year.

I've pasted a wikimap for your reference, but unfortunately, it's a bit small and blur. Tried to get it a bit bigger, but tak jadi.

the landmarks, starting from the top.
LDP/WD underpass (further up, towards the left is the Motorola/Sunway cable bridge)
Western Digital
X traffic lights, ref pic [a]
new road divider put up ref pic [b]
nanyang siang pau
from Subang/Shah Alam
to Subang/Shah Alam

[a] this is the traffic light junction
left will take you into the free trade zone.
The right turn would take you out onto the ramp which will take you out to federal highway.
But dunno why, the right turns are not allowed.

In the early days after the opening, what some motorist did was to take the left turn, then do a-U. Quite dangerous. MBPJ put a stop to it by extending the existing road divider. You can see the extension by the "whiteness" of the new block. Pic [b]

Lulu's grouse?
When they were building this ramp [it's a really, really big and expensive ramp], spanning across the highway, over the nanyang road, lulu thought it would be used for the general public. The traffic at the Motorola interchange can get quite bad, and the opening of this road would help alleviate the traffic towards Subang. Lulu did a search on the Majlis Link and learnt that it was indeed to alleviate congestion at the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) near the Federal Highway. And MBPJ is determinded to keep it totally unaccessible to get to the Federal Highway on this road.
NowLITRAK has come up with a proposal to ease jams on LDP.
Will MBPJ study whether or not to keep this road to the exclusive use of the FTZ? Afterall, do they really need to keep it exclusive? And do they really need to build another toll road, running across Taman Megah and Kelana Jaya stretch of the highway if the outflow can be resolved? Will more PJ residents open their windows to find a highway running right in front of them?


freelunch2020 said...

welcome back lulu.
so exclusive on for free trade zone ke.
sigh. maybe they want non-free-trade-zone users to pay TOLL! aiks!

What A Lulu said...

lulu suffering from blogging diahorrea. hence the 3 posts at one go.

Josh said...

Thanks for highlighting this information!

zewt said...

i play badminton at the kelana jaya sports centre and i think i got lost in this new road one day. tried to get into federal highway but ended up in sunway instead... dunno if i am talking about the same road.

anyway, i wont be surprise if it's exclusive for FTZ... after all, this is malaysia.