Friday, February 02, 2007

Lulu Didn't Just Baru Bangun

pix taken from Idioms by Kids

if Lulu were a Rip Van WInkle and baru bangun from her slumber, she'd think that the Selangor MB were a saint.
Afterall, look at the airtime he has received this past two weeks in the papers.

Transferring Inefficient District Council Chief
As for the new Sabak Bernam district council chief, Dr Khir said the deputy director of Selangor Religious Department Samaon Ishak had assumed the post.
The post was vacant after the incumbent Ahmad Samuri Mohd Dahlan was transferred out for “overlooking” the existence of an illegal gambling den in Sekinchan.

Bring Errant Operators of Massage Parlours to Book
He said the move was necessary because of the inordinate number of massage parlours in the state which gave the impression that "the people of Selangor had a chronic problem with aching backs". Dr Khir said the state government planned to take the fight against vice to spas and health clubs in hotels and restaurants next.

Not Tolerating Subversive Behaviour
CHEQUES with forged signatures, insubordination and approvals given through unethical means are some of the disciplinary issues that saw 25 staff in local authorities and government departments being hauled up, transferred or sacked over the past six months.
Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo said the administration will not tolerate such subversive behaviour.
“Situations of this nature have to be nipped in the bud. We will drag those found cheating the government to court or remove them. It has to be done, or else it will shake public confidence in the system,” he said.

Exposes Those Who Ponteng Kerja
Armed with flowers and fruit baskets, Dr Khir has visited the homes of some supposedly ill employees and caught them out fishing, visiting their in-laws or running personal errands.
“Cheating using MCs is not the way out. If you genuinely need time out to attend to urgent family matters, tell your bosses.

Municipal and District Councillors to “walk the talk”
Municipal and district councillors in Selangor have been told to “clean up” their act to better serve ratepayers.
In asking them to “walk the talk”, Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo singled out those whom he said did not even bother to find out the problems faced by residents in their respective areas.
He criticised local councils for not informing the public when action had been taken on their complaints.

sounds like a good guy, right? someone you want in office.... may even make an excellent head of Pemuda Umno?

Let's not forget
gross mismanagent which warranted a royal roasting
the mansions in Klang
these are just a few things that Lulu recommend those who baru bangun to read.

Could all the good press be a sign that the battle royale for Ketua Pemuda Umno has begun? The guys at KMU aren't saying it, but they are debating who would make a better chief.

Lulu thinks it's a decision between the devil and the deep blue sea.


Anonymous said...

Hobson's choice's_choice

Moreover one that excites nobody but those particular tribe members. The selection will be done for the wrong reasons devoid of moral substance, consideration or any real logic. Yet the MSM will, as usual, proclaim that as THE total epitome of the greatest democracy as it does its daily eunuch rounds.

they just didn't treat Lulu as "Lulu Didn't Just Baru Bangun"
but as "Yang Baru di Lahir kelmarin".


kittykat46 said...

Hi Lulu,
Don't worry, KJ or KT, semuanya OK, semuanya Boleh.
Go do your Chinese New Year shopping. Buy yourself some chocolate....

Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang...heh..heh...heh..I hope I haven't spoiled your meal.

Anonymous said...

yeah, agree with KAT, focus on CNY first..get your priorities right :D
after all, semuanya ok? kan ada KJ? ........

Anonymous said...

FINAS should consider making the comedy "The Dentist of Selangor" based on the bumbling Toyol. Starring the Toyol as himself, alongside bums such Azalina, Kerismuddin, Dollah the $$$, ect.

team BSG said...

dun worri U still have us. We have been awake for ages.

Anonymous said...

Kerismuddin better get up and use your keris-- SIL with the support of BM is coming for your post. After that, you can start selling ornamental keris outside Puduraya.