Monday, February 05, 2007

Don't Get Lulu Wrong...

Lulu wasn't questioning whether Bomba needed to spend the 430mil on the fire engines or not.

Lulu has utmost respect for the normal, regular firemen. They risk their lives whenever there's fire [or other life saving exercise) for very, very low pay. Unlike the police, they have very little opportunity for side income. Sometimes Lulu wonders, why out of all the uniformed bodies, they choose to join Bomba. Lulu's guess? passion.

Personal encounters with the firemen? The nearest encounter was when back in '91 when one of the neighbour's house was on fire. The firemen arrived within a respectable time frame and got the fire under control. My sister chatted with them for a while. Turned out these men have been working for the past two continuosly on the Bright Sparklers explosion in Sungei Buloh. They were dead tired, but responded to the call of duty to put out a kitchen fire.

My friends once watched the bomba work 2hours plus, to pull out 2 accident victims from a smashed up car. They told me that it was hard work, but the men did not slack, and never gave up.

If Lulu's house was on fire, Lulu would sure that the Bomba will be well equiped with the best-est machines. Hope you feel the same way too.


Maverick SM said...

I agree with you. RM300 mil for Bomba equipment is rarely sufficient. Isn't it better than spending RM200 on A319?

Anonymous said...

1) Yes, they probably need more money.

2) However, it is not as simplistic as that. We should be concerned about the management of the money. I went to their training centre/huge headquarters in Shah Alam, near the NST office. It is HUGE and SPRAWLING. A lot of wasted space inside - grand staircases, multiple levels.

3) And, most importantly, on a very personal note: A relative's small factory caught fire and they took their own sweet time to get there (30 min even though fire station was 5 min away) plus demanded money (they were eventually paid RM1,000) before seriously trying to put out the fire. By then it was too late, the factory was gutted.

What A Lulu said...

anon 8:54,
sorry to hear about your relative's loss. hope they were angry enough to lodge a complaint on it.
i have heard a story like that before, but the permintaan was after the work was done. so, it was given out of gratitude, and not duress.
lulu's simplistic bubble burst again...