Friday, January 26, 2007

You Want to See Lulu's Payslip? Nah.... as in No

When Lulu was in Form 3, the school embarked on a massive fundraising to build a new wing. Maklum-lah, PM didn't come from our school, so no RM23.5million gift. We were a mission school, and thus were given meagre funding from the government. My class teacher, thinking that she was being smart but lacking in sensitivity, looked up the register and called one by one those whose father had glamour occupations to sign up for a fund raising dinner. One of my friends felt kind of slighted as her parents would have contributed to the school building fund even though her father was a clerk.
That was based on what your parent's occupation was. Can you imagine what my teacher would have done with the sort of information they are asking for today?

I don't know how many of you out there are parents, but this went out to parents to fill in when the school term began [pix borrowed from LilianChan who blogged about it much earlier]
It first surfaced earlier in the month in Selangor where some school teachers told the students that it was compulsory to submit the Penyata Gaji, Borang J and Salinan IC regardless whether you are taking the textbook loan or not. The State Education Dept then commented that it was only for those who wanted to take the loan. But some teachers whose hearing not so good, continued to demand for these documents.

5x mom also faced the same problem in Penang
as did Lee, also of Penang
and ahPek in Johor

There's the issue of invasion of privacy, and also the possibility of document misuse. With the copy of an IC, salary slip, borang J, someone could take up a car loan in your name and 6 months later, you'd be appearing in the Malay Mail with Michael Chong.

further more,
If you are a State Assemblyman, and your salary slip supported by your borang J says you earn RM60k per annum and your daughter goes to school in a S class Mercedes, what's her teacher supposed to think?
You're a Land Officer in Shah ALam, and your salary slip supported by your borang J says you earn RM48k per annum and you have a Sect7 fancy mansion address, what's her teacher supposed to think?

Lulu doesn't know what kerisMuddin means when he says,
Parents asked to provide their salary slips to schools although they are not applying for textbook loans or other forms of assistance should go to the Education Minister himself.
Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said he would personally look into the matter.
is he saying
a) the little Napoleons are not supposed to be asking for your salary slip. He would personally haul up anyone who does
b) what's your problem with giving this info. Come and see me, the keris yielding youth leader and explain to me.

and how do you "go to the Education Minister himself"? With the Batu Talam by-elections and the Johor floods, most ministers are not in the office.
hmm... this would be like asking freelunch to send a bouquet to his "top fave" *blush* Lulu on Valentine's day with no forwarding address given.


team BSG said...

the inevitable regression of Bolehland to doomsland is picking up steam. Clearly shows little Nap r getting not so little after all.

Anonymous said...

Smells like our fishy Education Ministry is doing a secret survey on the proportion of students from well-to-do, mid-class and 'low-class' families in the country's schools. The results can be very useful in a variety of ways.

Anonymous said...

If Lulu is a gomen servant, she may have an idea how officialdom's office handles their own staffs' privacy details. If not, ask your friends who are.

Chances are Lulu might hear about the slip shod manner of the chucking of their staffs (few years once)assets declaration statements openly into an open dusty corner of their office without any real security or confidentiality whatsoever.....despite the prior promises of confidentiality.


Maverick SM said...

I fear there more to what eyes can see. Rats? Smelly!

Anonymous said...

Mav, even if there be nothing substantially sinister about it, there is this matter of privacy which should be respected for various reasons.


freelunch2020 said...

lulu..Top Fave it is..but sadly, i am a she :D