Sunday, January 14, 2007

Quick Lulu Update

thank you for the feisty sprit, Sheih of Kickdefella. His posters are brilliant but there are some people who just can't take it. Read more on his nasty experiences here.

Now, if the SB were to spy on me, they'd find out that Lulu's one of the most boring-est target to monitor.

For example, yesterday.
7:20 am Suspect left house
7:35 am Had tak halal breakfast in old town
7:55 am Suspect arrived at house of worship
2:00 pm Suspect left, Proceeded to Jaya Sect 14.
2:15 pm Suspect attended a cupcake decoration class till 5:00pm
5:00 pm Suspect left Sect14 and proceeded home. No stops anywhere.
No further movements to report.

Or maybe they'd realise that even the normal man (and lulu) on the street are not happy with what's happening.

Lulu may be a bit busy in the weeks to come, so don't panic if you don't see a Lulu update everyday.


toniXe said...

no problem, do a multiego switch/swap like wonder women but try Nacho Libre outfit, they r not that smart.

desiderata said...

I to was in Section 14 at the same TIME!
How come Lulu did not come up to sing Desi
"To Sir With Love"?
Oh, I did not ID meself -- I had Special Brunch with me:)

Anonymous said...

While imtimidating bloggers, also drop flares(in the form of juicy sex scandal tales via the complicit MSM)like this : to try to deflect the heat seeking missile homing in on the real target.

Doesn't take much to be a strategist these days. No need to go through Sun Tzu's Art of War entirely either. Old trick....too well worn.


mob1900 said...

OMG you woke up at 7am on a Sunday!

kittykat46 said...

Hi Lulu,
This is SIL.
Beware, we have ample stocks of C4. We know who you are, where you live. It is futile to resist the Dark side of the Force. The Empire always wins....

Anonymous said...

The Empire wanna Strike Back but the Foood water already beaten that. Scratch the Dharma too deeply and you get a cleaning washout. It's simply Karma - Natural action and reaction that's not so clearly explained via pure mathematics or presnt physics.

Karma, Divine Retribution, Blessing, Destiny and etc., has no mathematical formula to prove their veracity in terms of of formal methodology. But then Science hasn't explained absolutely the Universe in assured terms either.

BTW, mob, being not enslaved by a need to observe time like everyone else, is a small blessing in freedom too. We tend not to count our little blessings. ;)