Tuesday, January 23, 2007

[One Of] Lulu's Hero Azmi Sharom Speaks Up On The NST lawsuit

Azmi Sharom, going against the flow has spoken his thoughts on the NST lawsuit in a letter to Malaysiakini.

Any newspaper worth its salt must defend freedom of expression, not curb it, and as such the NST is behaving in a shameful manner. It is shameful because if what these men and their readers said were untrue, then the NST has all the power and facility to oppose it in the best way possible and that is by intelligently and clearly refuting what was said. For God’s sake, they are a newspaper. They are not some poor individual who had been defamed and has no other recourse but the law because he has no other option to defend himself.

The NST can print an entire special edition defending itself, but instead it chooses to use its money to put these men through the emotionally and financially draining experience of a court battle. What is infuriating is that there are so many other options open to the NST to debunk what they see are lies.

You can read more of it in the Malaysiakini's letters to the editor. No subscription is required.


Anonymous said...

agree. 100%.

i believe should a party disagree, simply put your point of view across like a civilised and educated adult.

but so far, i've not seen any response from them in the comment sections - unless they have been blocked.

as the letter says, some even have national newspapers to publicise their views.

promoting intelligent debate is preferred to the use of financial and political (let's face it, who's behind NST) to silence individual bloggers ~~ some are teenagers, would they risk their future with this kind of risk?

but published facts should be true while opinions may differ.

Anonymous said...

Free Lunch, the real culprit is indeed the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984, as Ong from MALVU puts it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Printing_and_Presses_Act

NST has no problem with it since it was a special beneficiary of it and in established symbiosis with it already as a party noosepaper.

At thae time it was passed, there were lots more complacent ppl who felt snug nad same until the Anwar affair occured that very much later. It was the first awakening. Now it's the second. If they slumber on again it'll be as good as a deliberate DoD(drug overdose).


kittykat46 said...

Hi Lulu,
I've become a real admirer of Prof. Azmi Sharom's courage. He's written a number of published letters, which are out of the official governmment line.
Unfortunately UM is probably just waiting for an excuse to kick him out.So sad...

Anonymous said...

The aggrieved parties couldn't sue in their individual capacity... must hide behind the behemoth of NST?