Tuesday, January 02, 2007

OKT Would Need To Do A Lot More To Convince Lulu About This

cos for now, Lulu belongs to the group who believe that MCA is UMNO's mouthpiece to the Chinese. At these "internal meetings", UMNO decides, then leaves it to MCA and MIC to explain to their community how the decisions "kononnya" would benefit them. This is nowhere near OKT's perception of his party.

to quote ksq's comments on an earlier posting, "the next time any of your cousins reached voting age, just sing to them the famous tune "Whyyy...MCA?" "

OKT, please actually really-really do something to convince Lulu otherwise.

updated 21:44
hey... lulu becoming quite a lulu. didn't connect the dots - this was printed by the MCA paper. Definetly a case of masuk bakul angkat sendiri.


Anonymous said...

Classic case of surreal and inverted assertion aka BS propaganda.


carboncopy said...

The MCA has, without fail, voiced the feelings of the Chinese community at all internal meetings in the Government and Barisan Nasional, said MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting.

If this is true. Why MCA Puchong had to take to the streets like the opposition?

freelunch2020 said...

i nearly choked on my lunch when i read the piece..already The Star's new layout was mildly disorientating...

at the end of the day, they can't really answer the question of what have they really done for a more equitable malaysia?

he said somewhere that MCA must at all times be 'relevant, effective and trustworthy'...sounds like bersih cekap dan lengkap?

when will politicians stop spewing three-word slogans and bring about some real change via
1. legislation
2. education
3. funds

not that DAP is much better anyway, they too have been saying pretty much the same thing since the formation of Malaysia..eg."Enough is enough, no more two-thirds majority" in 1978 i believe or around there....

woo hoo, oppossition, what's happening?

Anonymous said...

In no way has the DAP ever been near as surreal and scatologically self-serving. Besides the MCA is also as good as a mafia outfit.


Billy said...

OKT and his henchmen in MCA are in self denial as usual. They just don't want to face reality and call a spade a spade. Oh, BTW, I am a Malaysian of Chinese origin and MCA do not represent me in any form. This is one chauvinistic party I can do without.

Anonymous said...

OKT would not even be able to sustain/defend an open public blog like LKS.


kroni2u said...

Top Ten Signs MCA the voice of the Chinese

10) Temple in Penang demolished

9) Religion of non Muslim are NOT decided in Federal Court by the Federal Constitution.

8) Corruption for repair work in SRJK (C) Johor is revealed but MCA VP was reprimanded by Cabinet.

7) When Kerishasmuddin showed his keris, MCA keeps quiet.

....fellow bloggers ...please feel free to add to my list...thanks!

freelunch2020 said...

me thinketh UMNO,MCA,MIC all outdated liao

nowadays, where got ppl think of ppl in terms of race one....well, my circle less la..normally all thesse aunty,uncle from the OLD DAYS only will have super racist views one la..


Anonymous said...

Actually, kroni2u , the list of infamy and feckless pretention is very very long and quite difficult to update since that may be well nigh a full-time job. Sometimes I feel even the DAP misses some.


lucia said...

makes me want to puke reading this!!

mca, mic, gerakan all are the voice of umno lah!!