Monday, January 01, 2007

No, Lulu Does Not Think That Barisan Nasional Supports You

from their 2004 Election Manifesto.
BN cares about your needs and will seek your views on important issues.
and after they seek your view, they go ahead anyway and tell you to tighten the belt.

Increases in 06
Quit Rent in PJ
Water Rates for Selangor and WP
Electricity tariff
Petrol prices
[hampir terlupa...] BLR naik
and everything related which any of the above.
Increases in 07 (1 day down, 364 days to go)
Toll on 5 highways
it's a good thing oxygen is free in Malaysia.

Lulu went into Miri town for a few hours as she had some time to kill between the Mulu-Miri and Miri-KL flight. so, Lulu took the taxi into town. The conversation between Lulu and friends with the taximan [TM] went something like this
TM : You ada telefon Mahathir tak? Panggil dia balik kerja.
Lulu : [buat tak tahu] mengapa?
TM : itu Badawi-ah, semua barang naik harga. Masa Mahathir, memang ada naik, tapi satu, dua sen sahaja. Sekarang, naik 30sen, 50 sen, semua barang naik harga. susah! Macam mana cukup?
TM : Talipon dia. Suruh dia balik kerja.

believe it or not, Lulu also misses DrM. If you told this to Lulu 5 years ago, Lulu would probably hit you on the head, and asked you if you were mad.
Do you feel the same way too?


Anonymous said...

How could then one stand to watch local TV with all its daily multiple injections of propaganda songs on "bermaju" and "bersetia"?

If the noosepapers don't kill ya by choking , the TV may, by brain inudation. The Media being intended for zombies aka true believers.


Anonymous said...

BN is just following Joseph Goebbels' technique of twisting the truth -- "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it"

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.

Anonymous said...

haha..that's quite farnee..

talipon dia la...


mob1900 said...

All I see is:
"Barisan Nasional EXTORTS You!"

from the Manifesto...

team BSG said...

We have been keen followers of yr xceptional groundbreaking & remarkably detailed 'thinking outside the box' & independent unbiased and unabashed posts 4 a while now which means u really know what many many of us don't( & dun have a clue)

We note 2 of yr superstars here are BM & SIL.

We categorically state that both of them trajically r not born great and sad to say will never be, so its time to relegate them to rookie recruits ( or apprehentices ).....

Cheers to 2007 and look forward to more starry starry news !

Billy said...

Thanks, but no thanks, I will not want Mahathir to be back in the chair. He has already done enough damage to the nation for the past 22 years that I was overjoyed (even until today) that he has left the political scene. To have Mahathir back will have to go beyond price increases and he has to undone all the wicked things he did during his premiership!

Jeffrey Hardy Quah said...

Bringing Mahathir back is probably not a good idea, though it speaks multitudes about Badawi's performance that we're even considering it.

That's the problem though, isn't it? Other than Mahathir, is there anyone remotely qualified for the top job?

Still, it might be worth it just to see all the UMNO members who turned on him grovel desperately at his feet. Maybe ASTRO can telecast it.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir has done enough damage in the 22 years ; whatever he may state now that happens to be true is done mostly for the wrong reasons.

He has implanted the extended paradigm as to how far a governance may stretch the law to promote partisan interests above national. His successor merely change the style within that self agended leeway he has carved out.

The national psyche is all contorted and twistedly set into place. As long as the opinions of the public via the MSM is still so restricted by default and the propaganda so inverted, there is little hope for much change for the better. The BN will selfishly muddle on and spins away as long as the economy can still support this surreal delusion.


Anonymous said...

Lulu: "[hampir terlupa...] BLR naik"

Yeah, only when you're a borrower you pay more. As a depositor, you won't get more returns in proportion to borrower having to pay more... so it's not difficult to understand how the really big shot is benefitting at the expense of the nobody small fry. What kind of 'principle' is that, except one of meanness? Bangsatness in action.


Anonymous said...

Lulu, I have a love-hate view of DrM. I miss him only in regards to a better grip on the country's economy and keeping some wild-buck politicians in line (no Khairy types popping up). Yet, I am still pissed off with him for allowing an influx of Sulu-Filipinos & Filipinas to fill up the 'muslim majority' in my beloved land-below-the-wind, Sabah.

Maverick SM said...

The taximan was right. 5 or 10 years ago, people don't see the problem of it. Mahathir may not be always right but he wasn't that bad in terms of economic activities. But in terms of human rights and freedom, he is far worse than Badawi.