Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Malaysiakini and Lulu Brings You Good News for Y2007

isn't this good news?
Lulu did wonder how we are going to tide through this new year, with everything naik harga and the government's senseless-endless-needless spending.
In an ideal setting, the money would be spent on the rakyat, especially to help the poor who are involved in this sector and improve their condition.
But in bolehland, this surplus would go to the s-e-n spending.
After 3 years under Bapa Mertua, Lulu would count herself fortunate if this surplus is sufficient for s-e-n, and would not requiring adding to the rakyat's burden.
This would be counted as good news, right?


Anonymous said...

The way Pak Pandir is wasting public money and leaving the admin of the country to his underlings can only mean one thing: he has finally realised that umno will not back him for a 2nd term as president of the party and by default, pm of malaysia. So he is making hay while the sun still Turkey, Venezuela, Australia and so on. Can only hope his successor will not be of his useless calibre

Anonymous said...

He has also picked up his predecessor's addictive globe trotting habit the FOC private jet way.

ksq said...

with good times rolling in bursa, do expect EPF to announce 0.000025% increase in dividend (hardly good news but we'll take it, like we have a choice).

no prize for guessing where the rest of the $$ goes.

anyone wanna give their 2 s-e-n worth?

Anonymous said...

Lulu, the personal dispoable income will keep shrinking naturally regardless . Keeping a SLK or similar alone will cost ya even more. The whole financial system is fully geared towards providing cheap loans for big time dubious projects.