Monday, January 08, 2007

Lulu's flipping-fliping pages of the NST today

On the 24th Dec Ututsan Malaysia carried a story whereby the loud mouths in no-need-to-guess which party were having a wallah time kutuk-ing PAS for [to quote them]

‘‘Inilah Pas, mereka berpolitik tidak kira masa dan tempat. Bagi kita (UMNO), ini bukannya masa paling sesuai untuk mereka berbuat demikian memandangkan negara sedang berhadapan dengan masalah banjir.
‘‘Apa yang Pas lakukan ini merupakan bukti yang parti itu tidak sensitif dengan masalah rakyat.
Mereka tidak ambil peduli, apa yang mereka tahu hanya menyalahkan kerajaan dan berpolitik sahaja,’’ katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia hari ini

- leading candidate for pembodek utama Y2007

menyifatkan Pas terlalu ghairah berpolitik sehingga lupa terdapat sekumpulan rakyat yang kini berada dalam kesusahan ekoran banjir.
Katanya, dalam isu tersebut sudah tentu rakyat akan menilai dan kemudian menentukan parti yang mana lebih prihatin terhadap masalah rakyat.
‘‘Terpulanglah kepada Pas apa yang mereka mahu lakukan dan dalam soal ini, kita serahkan kepada rakyat membuat penilaian.
‘‘Bagi UMNO, kita tidak akan berhenti setakat memberi bantuan ketika banjir sahaja.
‘‘Malah selepas air surut pun, kita masih mempunyai beberapa kumpulan daripada pihak Pemuda UMNO yang akan membantu meringankan penderitaan mangsa banjir,’’ katanya.
- the govening son-in-law

Yup, this is what they said. Stupid statement to make considering that their cheif was on holiday in Perth. Lulu blooged about it then.

3 days later, the assemblyman passes away, leaving a vacant seat which needs to be filled within 60days in Batu Talam.

Lulu's flipping-fliping pages of the NST today, and on pg4, we read that UMNO election machinery was already in operation with about 12,000 Umno members from 70 branches here to help the BN candidate win the election.

Flip the next page [can't find it onlne], and you read Women, Family and Community Development Minister, Datuk Sharizat appealing for more volunteers to help victims.

Lulu guesses that the flood's no longer glamourous, and the UMNO boys have already been shifted to Batu Talam.

shame isn't it, what happened to their noble intentions?

and by the way, wondering,
1. these 12,000 UMNO members, tak payah kerja-ke? i mean, sure not everyone's like KJ who during Pengkalan Pasir by-elections, when he was "just" an employee of ECM Libra, could go on long leave just like that?
2. i would think that they get some "allowance" to cover for their expenses. would this allowance fall into the rm100K that the candidate is allowed to spend? let's say they are given rm50/person/day. even if these 12,000 volunteers come for one day, that's aready rm600K.


Anonymous said...

Losing Batu Talam to PAS would be a big blow to bn's efforts to sapu the coming GE, so it is sparing no efforts to win by hook or by crook. Our tax money is being used to pay these 12,000 umno honchos who for all we know, may turn out to be bn phantom voters. Be prepared for all sorts of dirty tactics such as vote-buying(our tax money again!) and party-hopping during the next few days.

Why didn't the 12,000 umno honchos help out the flood victims the previous weeks? Afraid of dirtying their shoes or wetting their trousers? Or because there isn't much to gain because Johor is a bn stronghold?

ksq said...

the 12,000 members are like 'keh leh feh' in our hong kong movies. they launched their movie career by doing small parts with a hope to land bigger parts later.

once an A-grade movie star, one is free to re-alienate land, say to spouse (of coz at P.Ramlee's era market price), build your own istana or even open illegal satay house. heck, Mr A-grade can even order B-grade actors to demolish other illegal stalls.

such are the benefits lor and not for the RM50/man/day lor.

Anonymous said...

ke ke ke
'keh leh feh' ke ke ke
such a sorry state of politicians are in la. no sense of public service.

the politicians in the uk, have some sort of public service motive although they too face allegations of corruption and some have been charged but generally there is this idea of going into govt for the greater good of the nation not to empty the nation's coffers like our umnoputras or mca tai kohs.

lulu, what will happen? will cuckoo pm have second term? some senior observers noticed that yes, cos all the umnoputras' loyalty has been bought with the RM600million....


Josh said...

Good that you pointed out the hypocrisy of the ruling machinery.