Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lulu's Country Very Much Poorer Today

Lulu got notification on the next PayLessBooks Warehouse sale 2 days ago.
Lulu is a cheap book connoisseuir, and thinks that PayLessBooks is one of the best things that happened to Malaysia reading scene. They have made books so affordable to us.
Thanks to them, I've the whole collection of John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer and Mary Higgins Clarke.

Lulu used to see greyish-white jangguted Fidel Castroish man at these sales. He'd buy stacks and stacks of books. Not fluff like Lulu's. Mainly literature and history. The PayLess people used to prepare boxes for him to out the books in. Lulu recognised him as one of the intellectual greats in our country - Dr Syed Hussein AlAttas.
Once, Lulu tried to "imitate" his choice of books cos who knows, maybe by reading his sort of books, Lulu could be less a lulu. Trying not to look to obvious, Lulu followed him and watched as he selected his books. Aiyoh... very chim-la, his books. Lulu can't even recall the titles cos too chim and beyond Lulu's comprehension. Needless to say, Operation Imitate was aborted. Imitations, be it watches, handbags, intellects, government or PMs, may aspire to be the real stuff, but greatness is truly beyond them.

The avid bookreader, Syed Hussein passed away yesterday
Lulu knew of his as an intellect and a former VC of her alumni, the THES#2 university in Malaysia.
Then reading some of his orbituary, Lulu found out that he was the founding president of Gerakan. Do a google search on him, and you'll discover that he did believe in a Bangsa Malaysia even then.
This also reflected in his tenure as VC in UM.
To quote uncle Kit, Malaysia is very much poorer with the passing of Syed Hussein.


Anonymous said...

Lulu can get Gutenburg ones FOC - watch for frequent update there too. I'm in for the "chim" stuffs. ;)

BTW, why is that scholar particularly "great" in ppl's calculation?


moo_t said...

To create awareness for chim people , very chim book is important. There is more chim people compare to Lulu.

toniXe & Gang said...

in retrospect u might add malaysia can be less poor if some( perhaps many many) passed away quickly?

Anonymous said...

It's better to be compassionate and well balanced by due wisdom at the same time than to be "chim" in only the conventional sense - bounded by just academic qualifications e.g. - and nothing much more. In which case, "chim" may well be just a snooty accolade brought about by fortunate circumstances of means and circumstantial support.


Anonymous said...


i think there is nothing wrong with being cheem.

the thing is everyone should just be themselves and they would contribute their part to society.

being cheem should not be attached to ANY MORAL VALUE but is simply a state of being.

although i agree that COMPASSION is a preferred trait over intellectual indulgence.

i think lulu makes a good point in 'operation imitate'. imitation will always result in an imperfect replica of the original.

back to reading up on history n literature. i think our failed education system has a lot to do with the general apathy towards language, art and history.

unfortunately, these are the very ingredients that will elevate the nation to a higher level in terms of creativity, maturity and civic consciousness.

through the lessons of the past contained in literature and history as human nature is proven to be the same over time, we can prepare ourselves for the challeges of today.

cheers all.

Anonymous said...

Our education system can only fail since it promotes non thinking conformism and obfuscation of world history and awareness....the thinking inside a box, purported to promote 'nation building', e.g. (The measure of 'nation building' should be measured by it's track record, not blind parochial sentiments.)

Being really "chim" personally can be conceivably also be extended to do away with the inane but apparently compelling superficial needs - such as even wearing a beard or fuzz to distinquish oneself as belonging to any particular class or persuasion.

Being "chim" means differentiating the baggage from the essential - the trancending perception from the earth bound ideology - with an open mind.


Anonymous said...


u very cheem :D
can u be my press sec?