Monday, January 22, 2007

Lulu Wonders if There Were No More Clean Men In UMNO

[please excuse the grammar of the title. can't figure out how to put it correctly]
The PM said it in the run-up to the 2004 General Elections
"We want all of them to be clean. We will conduct thorough checks on them,"

The dentist in Selangor echoed it.
"Everyone must be clean. We don't want our candidates to be involved in any criminal activities, found guilty of corruption or bankrupts,"

so, why is it that the fellas at are discussing the integrity of the Batu Talam candidate?
Did UMNO use the same people as the S'gor MB used to screen the Klang assemblymen?


Anonymous said...

They don't understand the meaning of the word (as we do)and have their own cynical set of semantics wrt implying e.g,that a fork tongue is also clean....and the noosepapers gladly promote that standard tune.


BSG said...

Corruption is defined as getting things(materials & favours) through any means, from any source and anytime, anywhere( dead or alive).

Its as clean as can be( depends who u ask)

Anonymous said...

IMO Corruption is driven by example from the System, from the top people acting as leaders. No need to read and digest the Tao Te Ching or the likes to figure this out.

When people are not inspired by the tops' example and consistency, there is little persuasion towards moral propriety. It's simply a snowball effect.

It is driven by cynicism wrt the System n the top acts in a double standard way. In tandem is that deepening hypocrisy with the people who just join the crowd since they can't beat the System.

When people's needs are great(often enough self inflicted by some ppl as they breed like rats)the finesse of propriety seems like nonsense. And religiousity appear only as an opiate to make-believe that propriety exists in ppls' midst and transfer the blame to external afctors and parties.

When does needs end and greed begins? Well, a shallow society at street level tend to greed and that in turn produces expanding needs. A society that does not appreciate quality but quantity(no modesty!) will always be corruption prone as the greed for a large family always produces insatiable needs. Look around us at the teeming problematic and corrupt third-world nation.


Billy said...

No more clean men in UMNO? Like they taught us at leadership school, it breeds from the top, period!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lulu,
They are clean,lah, they shower every day, as far as I know...He..he..
To move ahead in Umno you need to be able to pass cash around. Money like that usually can't be obtained by legitimate means, so they find "other means" to get hold of such funds.
Even if they started off clean, they soon find out that if they don't join the gravy train, they can't move up. So everyone joins the system, everybody goes home happy...

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:44 PM, some ppl have said that they're clean(er) because by comparision, siew yoke fans don't take morning bath. They forget that much of this tradition has changed considerably since cheap hot water system arrived. Also they know not that traditional Tibetans are known not to take baths except at birth(so it has been said and yours truly have read).

In any cse, Jesus did admonish the hypocrisy exemplified by the Pharisees of his days over the washing the outside of their cups before drinking from it. And then there was also that bit about what proceeds from the mouth that defiles, not what goes into it! Lulu can verify this.